🔥●RUBEN DIAS – WELCOME TO Manchester United ● 🔥

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  1. Aizee SportNews

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  2. Imagine man united signed dias, city will be second now in the table

  3. Man city**

  4. This video aged well🤣

  5. He is better than Nesta and Cannnavaro

  6. Please pep sign him he is world class defender . With laporate and rubian dias we will be unstoppable

  7. I pray Manchester City signs him

  8. Switch him for Phil Jones it would be a perfect deal for both parties.

  9. Who has bewitched Manchester United we need four strikers and three midfielders? If you have good strikers no team would want to want to leave their defense unguarded just like we do.

  10. Football Highlights

    Better option than Maguire

  11. Dias over Maguire

  12. Welcome to wolves

  13. No, he'll be next Phill jones, please sign with milenkovic


    Issap diop more better

  15. He has really good passes. hope MU can get him

  16. He will became next vidic

  17. United mast sign Dias over De ligt

  18. Captain Kittiwat's

    Welcome to Manchester United.

  19. He’s coming to Real Madrid where he will be the next Sergio Ramos

  20. Man has no name • 20 years ago

    Wouldve loved Joachim Andersen at united but dont think were after him so the last one on the list is Dias

  21. If money wasnt SO important for some people ruben dias would do an amazing career in Benfica and definetly become our #1 CB captian and legend of the club. Sadly money speaks higher

  22. song name?

  23. where is the despacito mate. 4/7

  24. Alberto Ramirez

    I don’t get Man U. Waste hundred of millions in defenders who are still young and end up just regulars. Why not spend on big names who are already world class ???

  25. who is here after the final ruben dias has being voted MOM

  26. 07-Nguyễn Thành Đạt

    LINDELOF 2.0

  27. Not great.

  28. Aizee SportNews

    https://youtu.be/KRMB5psO4bo JAMES MADDISON • Welcome to Manchester Unted • 2019 HD

  29. Phí tiền

  30. Dr. Gukiina Peter Musoke's Archives

    Another Smalling

  31. Dr. Gukiina Peter Musoke's Archives

    Looks average. Not even comfortable on the ball.

  32. Ilija Stojanovski

    hes a hard, rough and not that technical but .. a player you dont want tagging you if you are a striker , he would be up your ass all 90 long.. you dont want a defender too be too fancy pancy ,sometimes you just need the ball too leave your box and this kid gets shit cleared out no matter how silly he looks doing it … i kinda like him and think he would fit the premier league

  33. Not confident with ball. No spectacular tackles at all. Not impressed.

  34. overrated