10 Times Marcus Rashford Showed His Class!

Watch the 10 best moments in Marcus Rashford career at and England National Team. Marcus Rashford Hattrick against RB Leipzig is the example of the youngster is on fire right now!

Marcus Rashford Best Skills, Dribbling, Passes, Assists & Goals Back in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 for Manchester United.

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• Marcus Rashford 2021
• Marcus Rashford 2020/2021
• Marcus Rashford Overrated ?
& Goals
• Marcus Rashford Freekick

– Player Info –
Name : Marcus Rashford
Age : 22 years old
Position : Attacker/Winger
Nationality : England (Join National Team)
Club : Manchester United
Number : 10

• Marcus Rashford Pass & Touch
• Marcus Rashford Dribbling Skills
• Marcus Rashford Goals Assists

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  1. Honestly him helping the kids in UK is his highest act of class! <3 shinin' inside and outside pitch this guy!

  2. Alryzha Gaming

    Bro.. can i talk to you private ?

  3. EjenAdam Adamslasherz

    Salam 2:0

  4. Ꭺʏᴜꜱʜ ㅤᶠᶠ

    My favorite Marcus rashford

  5. good only in counterattacking, but no where to be seen when team playing possesion football

  6. The most skilful english player way better than harry kane

  7. Danjel Dragjoshi


  8. Free Music Best

    ❤️❤️❤️"""" When life gives 100 reasons to cry show life gives 1000 reasons to smile""" 😀😀😀…

  9. i watched this vid like 10 times and it always gets meeeee

  10. Poli

  11. fkin hell we were really lucky in getting rashford and de gea

  12. come on england

  13. Sevak Aslanyan


  14. Michael Kananda

    Chiesa is the man ronaldo wants in manu

  15. Khang Nguyễn

    yeah he is very talent but miss penalty, he is still such an animal

  16. This is iconic Rashford 😂❤️

  17. Why always do nothing for england

  18. Honestly, this guy is our most underrated player. His the fastest player I know 🙂

  19. Higgs light Football

    Izin apload Vidio

  20. 1:24

    Commentator:No angle to work with

    MBE himself:Are you sure about that?

  21. 1:23 holy shit


  23. Brayien Chatwien

    Neymar always

  24. He is GREAT

  25. Lianne Williams

    Yo neymar sunny innit

  26. its funny but sad how many times rashford just said fuck it to passing to martial even tho he the pass was free

  27. That music was perfect name plz

  28. Henrik Schaaf

    The english Ronaldo 😁😏👌

  29. Nguyễn Hoàng Phúc

    I think Rashford > Sancho

  30. PES gamer who uses Rashford as main CF. Like here

  31. 𝚂 𝙰 𝙼

    That's why this kid make me feel energized😼🔥🖤

  32. Youcef Beldjoudi

    Rashford > mbappe rashford is King 👑

  33. M.R is an incredible talent. And the fact that his providing for hungry kids in the UK is just awesome. His such a blessing to the sport alongside mbappe and other youngstars

  34. reaction of crowd against liverpool 3000

  35. Luuk Morskieft

    1:03 😍😍

  36. Paul Shuttleworth

    People say United try and buy the league and outspend their rivals. Could easily see a front three of Rashford, Greenwood, and Lingard behind them. All from the academy. What other team can say that?

  37. Ronaldo Nazario (9) is back in him.

  38. He​ have a​ Best​ first touch

  39. Ngayas channel

    Sukses terus ka

  40. Muhammad Afiq izzuddin

    He such a great guy has good height speed good shot like mbappe but quite overrated. If he consistent he could become one of the best player

  41. Jacob randall

    the west ham goal is so good

  42. 15Federation VeVo

    Rashford, Greenwood, Sancho England's future at safe hands in united

  43. Yo Ney, Sunny innit ?

  44. England has fkin so good players

  45. Rashfird is stronger than ronaldo at the moment

  46. Ten good goals for United doesn't mean that he didn't F÷÷k up for ENGLAND