10 Times Paul Pogba Show His Class at United

Paul Pogba – The Art of Passing Best Passes Through Balls Goal Goals Assists Assist 2021 2020 2019 2018/19 Manchester United Highlights Top Best When Football Becomes Art

Watch the 10 best moments in Pogba’s career at Manchester United
Paul Pogba 2020 – 2021 included Pogba 2021

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  1. APPRECIATE YOU USING MY MUSIC! Thanks so much ❤️

  2. Volley king and in future pogboom assist cr7 airline goal😍

  3. I ask permission to save your video bro🙏

  4. Pogba best midfielder ever❤✌

  5. bang izin apload balik

  6. #ZFH Football why you deleted his another video ? That was one of the best video of his goals. Very disappointed ☹️

  7. Pogba has just got that finnesse if you know you know. When young scored that free kick against Watford he knew young was finesse gang and I’m a Liverpool fan

  8. whos here after pogba’s brilliant performance againts leeds?

  9. here after he assisted 4 against leeds

  10. Magic feet and art ball path.

  11. Players signed by Manchester United news

  12. please allow me to use this video again, thank you

  13. Thing with Pogba, had he’d been playing for Utd when Keano was ruling the midfield he’d have bullied the best out of him and making Pogba a true legend. There’s no domineering Captain getting the best out of him.

  14. 5-7 years ago the hype around this guy was real. People talked about how he could be the next best midfielder. I despise the man utd move he did, i believe it didnt allow him to reach is full potential, but he is still a fantastic player. He is one of my absolute favorites.

  15. Pogba my life ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍

  16. The flat siamese kinetically scatter because view acromegaly include mid a old-fashioned kidney. sable, giddy eye

  17. Pogba so talented🔥

  18. someone actually said mason mount is better than la pioche

  19. 4:06
    Those city defenders be like
    Their reaction: Why de we just rush to get humiliated😂