14 Players GONE: Ten Hag’s Ruthless Man Utd Clearout | Squad Plans by Fans

Who will or sell from this Manchester United squad in what is a huge summer for the club? Sam runs through the results of a poll done by Sky Sports in which over 1.7 million collective votes were cast by fans for who should stay at the club and who should go. Sam has already given his opinion on who should stay or go…let’s see how different the results are from this public vote by United fans.

To see more about these results, head over to Sky Sports:

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  1. UnitedPeoplesTV

    Look at the results of this poll with over 50,000 votes from United fans. What do you think about these keep or sell lists? Are they reflective of who should go and who United should be building a team around in the future?

  2. OK ..Sell Maguire…who would buy him..
    United are stuck with him ..Conference clubs (slab heads standard) don't have any money..Keep Phil Jones ..Honest professional

  3. The few worth keeping may well not want to stay.

  4. Pogbout

  5. Geoffbuzz Whocares

    The Glazers should be top with a 100%!!

  6. Get rid of the over rated C Ronaldo

  7. Î9

  8. O99

  9. I would keep Bailly, Lindelof and Dalot out of the sell list. Bailly and Lindelof simply because they can support the defence off of the bench and Dalot becuse he is servicable until we can afford competition in that position.
    I don't have too much of a problem with the keep list…. I'm very happy with Jason at the top of the list and have no big problem with the rest of the keep list.

  10. I think the gulf in talent that has been so evident between Ronaldo at 37 and the current squad has been the catalyst for the clear out,,it has been criminal to watch the quality plays Ronaldo makes with no takers on his level ! It's like watching Jimmy Hendrix playing in a pub band !


  12. Why you wearing a German shirt ? Typical it'd fan ….you're going to be shit for the next 10 years if your lucky

  13. Levine Akampa

    How many players will you guys keep?

  14. Fred should go. Lack of consistency. Smaller version of pogba.

  15. Who is Gonna BUY Maguire….?

  16. McTominay and Fred Telles and Trashford should be on that list

  17. Only 6 players worth keeping Bruno, Ronaldo, Sancho, De Gea, Varane, Elanga

  18. Glad Static Matic is gone

  19. Hope he's ruthless im sure McClaren from his time with Ferguson will let him know that.

  20. Andy McKinney

    Maguire would be top of my list to axe. Huge waste of money. Can't cut it. I think Ten Hag could salvage Martial.

  21. Maguire out

  22. Manchester United needs white players then sh….t

  23. Raynar Ksatria Wibowo

    Selling memeguire will be the first step to the right track

  24. Shaw out the gap. He is a bluffer

  25. John the baker

    First on the list should have been the coaches ALL OF THEM.

  26. people arent going to be scared with players like , fred ,mctonmey,,elanga ,hannibal, shaw , will flop again without doubt

  27. ronaldo has to play with elanga in attack, wow

  28. thats why utd will remain behind , the players who play on the starting line up should have the most votes to leave , they are voting the bench players which will anyway leave after some time , dumb

  29. Ansumana Tounkara

    Cr7 keep him

  30. what a fantastic video

  31. Stephen Weafer

    I'd personally get rid of everyone of them sell them all get 14 new players in players that will be proud to wear the utd shirt players that will run players that will defend players that can pass a ball not players like the shower that's in now who couldn't kick snow off a rope sell them all

  32. Stephen Weafer

    How in the name of god is maguire not topping this list 25 per cent of utd fans must have short memories hes been shite since he came to utd hes not and never was a utd player its between pogba and maguire for first place I also think rashford should also be on the list hes to slow to be a utd player

  33. Not a Man U fan by any means, first thing they need to do in my opinion is be shot of the owners. The parasites have let the richest & biggest club in the countries ground become an embarrassment.
    A club of the size of Man U who generate as much money should have a ground that is unrivaled. Its the same with the academy at Man U it should be also either the best or near best. But because of the amounts taken out by the parasites they've been left to rot. Take care of everything off the pitch & you'll soon see a big improvement on it. We've just had one of the best seasons ever which Man U weren't involved in for me. But it shows the size & interest in the club as soon as the title win has settled down. Who is it making the headlines.

  34. Isaac Sihlangu

    After he said he is not suprised about where Ronaldo is on the list I just unsubscribed and changed the video. Man United still havent won a game without Ronaldo that should speak volumes in this matter.

  35. you wear a wrong shirt mate

  36. orangemountain

    From the KEEP list I'd get rid of Dean Henderson and Alex Telles. Diallo I'm not sure about but we do need a couple of solid wingers. From the SELL list I'd keep Dalot, Brandon Williams, Lindelof and Maguire. The reason I'd keep Maguire is I think he'd make a decent substitute in case of injuries. You'd have to also consider if there are decent youngsters ready to move up to the first team squad. I'd like to see Charlie McNeil, Charlie Savage, Mejbri and Garmacho get serious game time next season.

  37. As far as I’m concerned Ronaldo and Fernandez are the best of the bunch chosen. Roll on next season, new manager, new Man Utd.

  38. A lot of these people haven’t been watching the same games as me.Wan Bissaka always defends well, glad to see m

  39. To me, No. 5 should be top one to be sold

  40. I agreed with the list it’s fair the lousy lazy no passion for the game should go

  41. why the fuck have you got a german kit on ?

  42. Richard Bradley

    The keep list should be short….

  43. McGuire was one of the worst picks of all time

  44. McTominay should go

  45. De Gea saved a lot of points this season

  46. Please: Maguire out, first and for all