2 Times Leo Messi Bleeding by Brutal Foul

1. Lionel Messi BLEEDING in El CLASICO by Marcelo
2. Lionel Messi BLEEDING by Chris Smalling ( vs Barcelona).

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  1. Oh…man that's why I love messi…

  2. Acting🤣🤣

  3. And on both the occasions he made the opponents pay badly…👍

  4. Messi

  5. I feel so bad for him man…

  6. He only act at brutal foul ❤️❤️🐐🐐🐐

  7. Nah he's strong. He massacred Real after that with a bloody mouth and a black eye.

  8. How did Chris smalling not get booked for that

  9. Fuckkk u Chris smalling

  10. Momir Moki Zagradjanin

    wE lOvE mEsSi hahaahhaha

  11. The first one was fine he just happened to bite down on his lip it wasn’t brutal

  12. Quang Dương Đức

    OMG 😲

  13. I'm from Earth

    En ninguna vi falta

  14. if he wldve done same to bruce lee his lif over .messi skill is lik bruc lee accurat speedagility bt he nvr be anger

  15. Marcelo bad

  16. He isn't Agile Enough

  17. Very very poor Argentinian😢🥺 why would anyone do that to messi

  18. Sebastián Pagura

    "Nothing wrong with that challenge" what an idiot

  19. na pethanei o smalling

  20. Ethan Gallant

    Wasn’t a foul he’s just a midget😂”brutal foul”

  21. Petroleum Rocket

    Hala madrid