+20 Legendary Messi Long Shots – With Commentaries

+20 Legendary Messi Long Shots – With Commentaries
+20 Legendary Messi Long Shots – With Commentaries

Messi Legendary Strikes – With Commentaries
Messi Legendary Strikes – With Commentaries


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  1. That commentary "where would Barcelona be without Lionel Messi " struck my heart 🥺

  2. Let me tell one thing,u are best editor I have ever seen in football edits.❤️

  3. I used to hear people say that Messi can't score from outside of the box like Ronaldo and yet, messi has 75 outside of the box goals from open play, Ronaldo 57.


  5. Messi’s longshots have been insane this season

  6. They said he only scores with left foot, Well show me a better scorer from left & right foot combined..
    Leave that, show me a better football player than Messi 🙌🏼 🐐 ⚽️

  7. Navas didnt expected that knuckle ball from MESSI 🤣🤣

  8. There's really no dispute on who's the best! If u seen all his goals you would know too! The heart breaking-man crying machine! Copa champions 2021

  9. literly the goat

  10. My fellow human being , here it is….
    1) Messi
    2) Maradona
    3) Pele
    4) C.Ronaldo
    5) ….

  11. And some Ronaldo fans still say Messi is only good at dribbling 🤫

  12. If you wanna infinit awesome football content, just choose Messi, he does the rest.
    Am I the only one to notice, that Messi shoots the ball to the ground to create effect in some ocasions. Who tha hell shoots the ball to the ground and the ball hit the ground before the goalkeeper??

  13. This man deserves the WC. Will ruin his legacy if he doesn't win it

  14. Agar mujse pucha jaye ke tum kya banna chaho ge toh me toh zaroor messi ka naam lungi yar

  15. One that he scored vs utd with his left still gives me goosebumps how can someone time that shot

  16. Messi you are Inexplicable. ThankQ Messi for footballing playstation

  17. the way he curves the ball…magic🤩

  18. Alien 👽 nothing less

  19. Messi chuta com as tres pernas. Lol!

  20. Were these long shots?

  21. Messi scored. A right footed long shot goal this season where is this goal?

  22. Sorry, music isn't as wonderful as Messi

  23. Should have gone for Martin Tyler "oh my goodness Oh my goodness" In that free kick v Liverpool 2019
    BTW great edit as always

  24. What would football be without this man????some boring show

  25. At 19 he named best footbeller in the world

  26. What's the name of first song?