+23 World-Class Goalkeepers Destroyed by Lionel Messi ► With Commentaries – HD

+23 World-Class Goalkeepers Destroyed by Lionel Messi ► With Commentaries – HD
+23 World-Class Goalkeepers Destroyed by Lionel Messi ► With Commentaries – HD


Lionel Messi has scored over 600 goals in his magical Career.

Bunch of Goals against World-Class Goalkeepers are highlighted with epic replays and unseen footages !

Is he the Greatest Ever ?

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  1. SherAli EDITS

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  3. أستغرب من قول بعض المشجعين أن الطون أفضل لاعب فالتاريخ لانه يملك أكبر عدد من المقشرات عفواً أقصد الاهداف

    الطون طوال المباراة امام المرمى لكي ينتظر مقشرات زملائه فالفريق ومع ذلك ميسي اللي يتمركز في وسط الملعب يملك معدل تهديفي أعلى منه 😂

    (ولو ميسي عنده لاعبين يدلعوه بالمقشرات مثل حال رونالدو كان سجل 2000 هدف في مسيرته )
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  4. Karthikeyan Appu

    Ohh.. Magical messi..

  5. Ayebogbon Orowole

    The accuracy of nutmeging the goalkeepers is just beyond my comprehension

  6. Its Messi class

  7. 🅼🅴🆂🆂🅸

  8. Madona Kharbuli

    100% only messi deserve this ballon d'or every year👍he's a legend in future play ❤ u messi

  9. Fantastic vid

  10. Mebanshan Lyngdoh

    The GOAT Destroys all 😎

  11. Ratheesh Ratheesh

    Messi 🤩 uyir😘😘🤩

  12. If Maradona, or any footballer, is or was the greatest player ever in the world, then Messi was never born!

  13. SorryEnmy Gaming

    Thibault Courtois*

  14. I hope I'm still I life to see some one like him !

  15. When It's messi, It doesn't matter who the opponents are

  16. budda alsaduh

    Messi doesnt cheat, is a real deal . He destroys all the defenders with his margical left leg.brilliant MESSI

  17. hm why messi always nutmegs courtois😅😂

  18. Nicolas Buela

    Best player of all time!!!

  19. Iqbal Hasan Official

    I❤️U massi

  20. Sanyam Malhan

    Watching Messi play makes me cry just the things he does makes me pray to God and thank him for gifting us this kind of extraordinary player.

  21. Messi is the best of best ever …

  22. You forgot joe hart

  23. what the hell happens to people who don't like messi videos? I don’t understand them

  24. Ibomcha Tourangbam

    Messi is Millions better than Maradona

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  26. Philani Philac

    messi is simple the best! best player in the history of fooball

  27. Jaquin Naharis

    saint casillas hahahahaha

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  31. Wonder if keepers get PTSD from getting scored on by Messi??

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    I love Messi Messi is better than ronaldo

  34. Faustino Pacheco

    Uhhh 🙊 jajaja tremendo Messi! jaja el mejor de los mejores 👏🇦🇷😱

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    LM10 ❤🔥💪👏

  39. Andrey Bagoes

    I am lucky to be a Chelsea fan because there are no Ronaldo and Messi there, because when both of them retire it will be painful, like Totti's retirement from Rome

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  49. He is the MESSIAH