7 Craziest Messi Records EVER – Impossible to Break

7 Craziest Messi Records EVER – Impossible to Break
7 Craziest Messi Records EVER – Impossible to Break


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  2. Messi has the record for
    Most goals in a single club 
    Most away goals in laliga
    Most goal contributions in a calender year
    Most goals in a season ( 73 )
    Most g/a In el classico's
    Most goals in a laliga season ( 50 )
    Most individual trophies ever
    Most man of the match at the world cup
    Most pichichi trophies
    Most laliga wins
    Most goals in a league season
    Most international goals in a year ( 25 )
    Most goals in finals
    Most ballon dors ever
    Most hat-tricks in ucl ( 8 )
    Most assists ever
    Most golden boots ever
    Most assists in a season
    Most goals in a calender year ( 91 )
    Most assists in a calender year
    Most dribbles in barcelona
    Most assists for Argentina
    Most goals in barcelona
    Most man of the match ( 350+ )
    Most goals in South America
    Most goals in laliga
    Most goal contributions ( 1000+ )
    Most laliga best forward
    Most free kick goals
    Most free kick goals in a season
    Most laliga player of the season
    Most goals for Argentina
    Most trophies with a single club
    Most copa del reys
    Most successful dribbles ever ( 3000+ )
    Most golden boots in a single club
    Most goals in domestic competitions
    Most assists in laliga ( 182 )
    Most assists in el classico's
    Most goals in el classico's
    Most goals for a single club
    Most hat-tricks in laliga ( 36 )
    Most dribbles in ucl
    Most league goals in a season
    Most ballon dor's at one club
    Highest goal to game ratio in laliga
    Longest goal-scoring streak in laliga
    Top ucl scorrer four times in a row
    Top scorrer in international competitions
    Youngest player to score 200 goals

    The only player to score 40 goals In 10 seasons in a row
    The only player to win a ballon dor in 3 different decades

    Messi won
    14 Fifpro world XI
    11 laliga player of the season
    10 laliga
    8 pichichi trophies
    8 Spanish super cups
    8 laliga top scorrer's
    7 copa del reys 
    7 puskas nominations
    7 ballon dor's
    7 laliga best forward
    6 golden boots
    6 ucl top scorrer's
    4 ballon dors in a row
    4 fifa world cup drean team
    4 Onze dor's
    3 ucl trophies
    3 fifa club World cup
    3 European super cup
    2 best player in Europe
    2 copa America's best player
    1 Olympic medal
    1 bravo award
    1 best player of the 21th century
    1 golden boy
    1 greatest player of the last 25 years
    1 golden ball
    1 Alfredo di Stefano trophy

    Messi is the best in football history at

  3. chetan chikhalkar

    Records are just numbers.There are so many things that are unmeasurable.talent is one of them.

  4. This is what ppl don't understand. Before Messi joined PSG he was dominating everything so it's crazy to say that he lost his form cuz this was mere moments before Messi's transfer switch

  5. The worlds greatest player finally have an international trophy
    This line made me love with video it's Lionel Andres Messi ❤

  6. The Great Messi
    The Best Chanel

  7. Highlights Football 27

    Wowww….. This is LM7 😱, Not CR7 🤭🤭

  8. People said ronaldo is 35 and scores like 27 thrn messi showed them in his 35 he plays like 22

  9. Alryzha Gaming

    Can i use this video ?

  10. Ecaterina Vieru

    Лучше во все времена! 😘😘😘

  11. All time measi ❤


    Messi omadingni bersin

  13. Gayrat Hasanov

    Бошка футболки йукми Шомрадов бор

  14. No es justo que regalen otro balón, no es justo.

  15. God bless Always 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

  16. Esteban Mendez villamizar

    esos son los 7 balones de oro que le negaron a MARADONA

  17. Эмил Абакиров

    Лучший футболист всех времен и народов

  18. Miguel Angel Samaniego barahona


  19. Lewandowski was to be awarded the Golden Ball in 2021

  20. Llegara en el futuro otro jugador a superar esos 7 balones de oro, de momento no se ve alguien que pueda hacerlo.

  21. Antonio Gonzalez Lao

    Eso si vendrán situaciones difíciles,no en hambre si no en estruendos y cosas que será mejor que lo veáis…..todo un espectáculo…..

  22. Antonio Gonzalez Lao

    Disfrutad,vosotros sois deportistas nosotros somos los que mandamos,y vamos ha dejar esta burbuja otra vez nueva….

  23. Antonio Gonzalez Lao

    El fútbol es fútbol,pero en MI opinión como en sparta(españa😪😪😪😪😪) no se vive en casi ningún sitio…..pero entendemos que tanto los gobiernos,administraciones y algunas cosas más hacen que este la cosa un poco tensa…..todo cambiará estamos limpiando……🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  24. Antonio Gonzalez Lao


  25. Antonio Gonzalez Lao

    Te hemos dicho que ya tienes el 7….no significa que no haya más…..el 7 no me parece que se el número de A….

  26. Mess7👍🏽👍🏽

  27. Alberto Palavecino

    Muesyan cosas de ante no de ahora es malo hay mejores jugadorrs

  28. Ballon d'or pour le meilleur de l'histoire et la jalousie des joueurs de Real Madrid, krooss,iker kassillass hhhh

  29. Ikram Saparbaev

    Messi 1

  30. Daniel OREGA stp

    C'est la plus grande HONTE du football mondial aujourd'hui. Il n'y a plus de place pour le mérite ; il y a de la place pour les mafieux.

  31. Solo le falta un trofeo, le falta uno que diga para el mejor jugador de la historia.
    Y eso seria como ganar un mundia ,increible lo que hace , nadie ni cerca como el Argentino!

  32. Messi GOAT
    Messi The Best
    Messi for Ever!!!!

  33. Totally undeserved….

  34. 7 impossible records 7 ballindors

  35. Arfanlang Demba

    Félicitations Messi mais ce ont pour le monde 🌎 ⚽️7 balon d’or pour un person 🇸🇳

  36. Gk lyak

  37. It Will take thé Word 2thousand decade to have player like LM7