A Message To Ole Gunnar Solskjaer From Man United Fans

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, it’s time for you to evolve as Manchester United manager. You’ve done great work so far at Man United, now you need to change in order for success in the Premier League and Champions League to happen.

This is my message to Solskjaer from Man United fans.

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  1. Ole, it's time for you to evolve as #MUFC manager. You've done great work so far, now you need to change in order for success in the Premier League + Champions League to happen.

  2. Zidane In Give Ole a role in the club or maybe he can work and do better somewhere else

  3. I hope Ole learns from his mistake

  4. Literally NO EXCUSE FOR OLE…even with no cdm…this is one of the best squads in the world…that is not even close to a good excuse…Ole is the problem he is a transitional manager and you will wait and see the fact I and many others are right in saying Ole out…we are not saying this from one time…he made many mistakes in cup competitions

  5. Ole has been brilliant and I respect him but he needs to believe in himself. If he doesn't then he'll be gone.

  6. totally agree. the arrival of Ronaldo and the rest of star players will depends whether the manager is confident enough to manage star performers.

  7. Please shot it, 1 loss and yall being stupid. If the game was won or a draw yall won't see the tactical errors. Two stupid mistake cost us the game, it's as simple as that. Any little thing yall blame ole, I haven't seen anyone talking about the stupid errors, If Lingard scored a winner yall will be screaming LINGADINHO. Plastic internet fans

  8. We fired a manager after he won us a trophy. What achievement can Ole show to display he deserves better? Signing?

  9. Ole's time is up tbh, he's simply not good enough hes shown this time and time again. Time to get an elite manager in. I mean every team outplays us, even team we beat 3,4,5 nil still keep the ball better than us. Times up Ole, see ya later lad and goodluck getting a job in the Prem again 🙈

  10. Bravo Sam, you are absolutely spot on👏🏻

  11. I haven’t changed my opinion of OGS, he’s a van driver with the keys to a Ferrari.

  12. He doesn't have to revolve, the board must let him leave. He had a longest strip of failures. Fancy the opportunities he go and how he goofed. Once a goofer always a goofer.

  13. If man United sack ole, they will go back 3 or 4 years. Trust me. United are a different breed to Chelsea and city. It's why Liverpool and arsenal also go on long periods of low success. The cultures here are not for every manager. It's alarming how little United fans know about their own club.

  14. It's so funny. People expect and still people ole and his useless coaching staff can evolve and win 🏆. Where is the evidence that he has gotten better with his subs? Where is the evidence that the football isn't slow and boring and we struggle to create chances if we are not given space to do so? All I hear from United fans is that he has changed the environment of the club 🤔 I'm pretty sure that's the job of the ceo and directors of football. Any United fans enjoy ole for the next 5 years because being mediocre is what this club is about now no more trophies no more best club in England and Manchester.

  15. Got 5 games left to qualify win 4 and go through but the likes of Munich, PSG, city,will beat us over 2 legs not to forget liv er liverpool?

  16. Couldnt agree more. Sadly Ive always said that Ole is the right man for the club now, he is brilliant in rebuilding the team. Unfortunately he has proved again and again that he is not an elite manager. Love Ole…but I believe that his work is done. Umless he delivers a haul of trophies at the end of the season then we should get a worthy replacement. The game against Y.B. was a disaster and I couldnt for the life of me understand wtf he was thinking with his substitutions!! It was an embarrassment

  17. Great analogy with the ladder reference.

  18. Ole is totally incompetent. Why can't you and Rio see this.

  19. Accept defeat and move, when Chelsea lose a game this season I'm waiting to see if the fans will call him tactical inept

  20. Well he's good but he doesn't learn from his mistakes. Thats what pulled him down.

  21. The man has no answer to a press in his double pivot, his double pivot in general lacks inspiration on the whole…Teams have figured out all you have to do is press his pivot and back line or counter attack in space at their mids. ZERO response in game. He is terrible at reacting to what occurs in game. I support OGS, but he has to get a response going…this has been the same year after year, his pivot frustrates the Hell out of me..nobody comes to the pivot to aid, he leaves his mids (although some are not great players) completely desperate.

  22. The final against villa real done it for me. Olé is absolutely clueless when plan b, c or d needs implementing and the players don't seem to mind either

  23. Get back to the old editing style! Cannot watch your videos anymore. The fast and “fancy” editing gives me headache. Your content is brilliant, but please keep the frame steady!

  24. I think ole doesn't have enough authority or self belief

  25. Well said Sam 👏🏽👏🏽

  26. It's time this channel needs get a reality check
    Fact is ole done a great job
    We played a team who has COMPETITIVE football
    It's only 5 games in and your moaning
    Last year we was bottom 3 yet nobody bitched about that yet this year we are TOP let me repeat we are TOP of league

    Get a grip

  27. Sam did you say that to Ferguson to.
    For he lost very much when he come to Old Trafford.

  28. Ur wrong he thinks he is good enough but stubborn doesn’t wanna change his tactics. It’s not his first game he has failed every time in Europe

  29. They played on artificial gras. Away in Europe isn’t always so easy. And because Ronaldo is unable to press the defense alone, Ole needed to make changes.

  30. How is the manager at fault for the red card

  31. No excuses! I’m tired and had enough of Ole Solskjaer’s excuses and sympathy. Our rivals are winning trophies even Leicester City is winning. Ole has won NOTHING at United. He has no idea or clue what to do. He has had 3.5 years and still the same issue and repeats the same silly decisions. If Villarreal wasn’t the last wake up call nothing will. He has a GOOD-World class set of players. Can’t defend him

  32. Last season we finished in 2nd place, that's incredible and we still love our manager have people forgotten about van gal and Mourinho, David Moyes. I would take sohsiar any day

  33. Solskjaer has to evolve as Manager……talk about stating the obvious. Duh!

  34. I have never been Ole out but it looks like he has reached the peek of his powers and it isnt going to be enough to acheive ManU's ultimate goal.