Cavani: WELCOME To Old Trafford | Manchester United 1-1 Fulham

Edinson Cavani’s incredible first Old Trafford goal for on the day 10,000 fans returned was spoiled by a lacklustre performance overall that saw Man United draw 1-1 with relegated Fulham.

It is now 8 days before the Europa League final and with Harry Maguire on crutches still, it looks like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will have to deal without his captain and United’s problems that have been there all season were there again tonight, despite fans being back.

United have to improve and need to use the Wolves game to build momentum ahead of Villareal, no doubt about that.

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  1. UnitedPeoplesTV

    United have to improve and need to use the Wolves game to build momentum ahead of Villareal, no doubt about that.

  2. AbdulBasit Medikal

    Cavani is outstanding

  3. Great to see fans finally back for this game was great to see just not the same though with 75,000 but what a goal by freaking cavani man you couldnt write the script in order for him to score it when fans are back in the stadium BEST FREE SIGNING EVER what a man what a player also ole too at end of the game following father of the club in fergie when he did hes retirement speech oles just getting started now and like how hes passionate on hopefully winning the europa league final disappointing result in the end but 2nd confirmed thank god bring on the final now and hopefully slabhead maguire is back for it

  4. Orville Mendonca

    United is de gea! With henderson we will leak lots of goals ..ain't worth it

  5. Football Brainer

    These players are tired. It's been a long season. Let's give them a break. Atleast they've not lost like the back to back losses we saw

  6. If only Man Utd had a big enough squad we could have rested many key players for the Wolves game.

  7. Uber Hoofenhoussen

    Let's face facts : 
    Luke Shaw chickened out of a tackle and Fulham got a point.
    Lindelof ran away from the ball and let their left winger in on goal, which De Gea saved.

    McTimonay isn't able to move the ball anywhere but backwards.
    Fred isn't able to move the ball anywhere but backwards.
    Bailly isn't capable of playing football at all.

    Europa final is going to be a horror show.
    Poor recruitment have left Utd with half a team……….still.

  8. Patricia Black

    Oles use of the squad all season has been awful..

  9. Disappointing result. Worried if we are good enough for the Europa Final.

  10. TheManUnitedFTW

    We are second and the only thing that matters is not losing against Wolves on Sunday to go on with the away record to beat Arsenal. Other than that, I really don't care. Europa League here we come

  11. mcFred is injured bro

  12. Corrie De Beer

    Our boys need a rest badly. To many games in the last 20 months.

  13. Damilare Pierre

    And let's not forget Villarreal happens to be one of the hardest working team in europe at the moment, they will run you ragged. If we don't match their work rate, then forget it, it will be a smash and grab game. Red alert, let's ole raise the bar for these boys

  14. Damilare Pierre

    I don't know about you guys, but I am worried about this cup final and that's not down to the opponent, but down to our abismal form of late; 2points out of a possible 9 for a team with such a long unbeaten run can have a physiological effects going into the final, I am worried guys. If we don't raise our game against wolves then forget that final honestly.

  15. Players mentality which doesn't win a trophy 🏆 same against sheffield united, Ole really need to work on that or else we will keep chasing shadows every season united need to be clinical in all ways

  16. There was no way the boys were going flat out a week before a Final and get injured. They played within their selfs,result wasn’t the most important thing . I’d be amazed if Ole puts out a full strength side at Wolves ,we’re guaranteed 2nd place already,so why risk injury to a starter,I’m think it will be a mixture of 2nd string & youth team on Sunday . What a finish by Edi ,the perfect goal on fans return.GGMU,#Glazersout

  17. That speech from ole , fergie's last speech vibes 🔥

  18. United needs to do better
    They need to play with urgency and dominance. We neeed to play like champions. We need that mentality of doing better

  19. Bryn Gefferies

    We Need to Sell before We can Buy. Next Step: To improve the Squad in the Summer Windows. Time to cut out the Mediocrity & Sentiment out the Club, where depth and competition for places is needed. Man Utd Squad needs more refreshing but with Lingard, Jones, Mata, Matic, Dalot, Grant, Romero, Joel Pereira, Maguire, Lindelof & Fred at the Club shows that we lack the necessary ambition to go to the Next Level, Challenging consistently for the Title & more. Time for them to move on. A keepers Clear Out is needed too due to standards have dropped. We have to consider DeGea, Henderson & Fred, even VanDeBeek for a possible departure. We also need at least 6-9 more players e.g. GK, 2CB, DM, 2CM, RW, LW.& ST and at least 10 players need to move on by the summer & some!

    Over 150M has been lost due to poor recruits so Ole & the board has to take the blame, so adjustments have to be made. They have to buy smart in the recruitment department, so being sensible would go along way when it concern the Club's development. There's other qualities out there at a reasonable price, so it best to search and invest well for the future. Our general play will improve once we add more depth of quality players to the squad that can play the Man Utd way.

  20. Bryn Gefferies

    Watching those two Jokers (Maguire & Lindelof) Week In Week Out cost Us the Title, Champion League & Other Cups success This Year. That's Embarrassing. That's Ole's Mistake was Selling our Real captain (Smalling) in the last day of last year summer window. The way we've treated Smalling was 'Criminal' and we are still paying the price up to this day. Ole & Fans owe him an Apology. Bring Back Chris Smalling 'The Real Captain' there's still 3+ years at the top, if not Konate would be an improved replacement!

    If the opportunities arises it would be best to replace Maguire & Lindelof at a loss by recruit at least 2CBs. They Are Not Man Utd type. There's Better Out There, so Man Utd is not a charity but one of the Top Club in the World that have standards to maintain & improvements to be met.

    If we are Serious about Winning Trophies & being the Best then Sell Maguire & Lindelof for £30M each and Replace them with Smalling (teacher) & Konate (pupil) for £60M minimum money spent, that would be Excellent Business!

  21. Bryn Gefferies

    We gave the Title to City – The feeling is With this defence WamBa, Bailly, Smalling & Shaw, 4 defenders who can defend, we would have given Man City a excellent run for the title but instead we are 12 points down than where we should be. Those semi finals, quarter final and group Stage we would have won them. We would have put that defence against any opposition out there and come out on top. We would have been possibly the top team in Europe with Pace, Power & Good Organisation. They are Man Utd type and better than Man City. The Oppositions out there must be laughing at us Right Now, that we allowed this to happen. A Missed Opportunity at present!

    If the opportunities arises it would be best to replace Maguire & Lindelof at a loss by recruit at least 2CBs. They Are Not Man Utd type. There's Better Out There, so Man Utd is not a charity but one of the Top Club in the World that have standards to maintain & improvements to be met.

  22. And axel is our best cb!! Period

  23. He’s going to play fred and mctominay like always in big games! We’ll lose the final too because they’re awful!’play pogba in mf, not at lw! Really frustrating! Better get a good cdm, or next season will be awful

  24. Reason why Luke Shaw was good this season was because he had a substitute, wan-bissaka should have one new season

  25. Shane Deeprose

    I felt sorry for the paying fans tonight the players should be ashamed of them selfs awful again ?

  26. 1 point from last 3 games including a whacking from Pool. We desperately need a CB and a CDM otherwise kiss off EPL tithe now.


    If Harry Kane signed for United it’s over for city they won’t run riot we will destroy city and Everton lmao


    We 2nd goodbye Jamie vardy your team ain’t doing shit ahahaha United forever


    What a player better than rubbish panaldo

  30. Bibek Shrestha

    We have burned out from long and hard season. Players are running out of their juice… and people have studied our tactics thoroughly and their game plans is simple with low blocks. Lets hope we finish on high with trophy…

  31. onotu aliyu ohindase

    Our defence once again is abysmal

  32. Utd is blinded by love but it will soon wear out and the chickens will come home to roost.

  33. This club is fucked in my opinion whilst the glazers are here we ain’t doing anything

  34. What infuriate me is how the players do not care about the fans who brave the risk of infection n put in a lame display

  35. United need to know how to keep the ball and make better movement with ball and concentration till 90min obviously our midfield is really bad both Scot and fred are too bad and the defence has been really poor which we all know we need another centre back. And our forward also need to improve,in all we need to buy a defensive midfielder and a defender at all cost

  36. To be very honest, the match was boringgggggggggggggggg

  37. Yvan Philogène

    Not scoring the second goal… We all could see this equalizer coming.

    Amazing goal from Cavani, but he was offside 😉 As if the referee was checking VAR then "F… VAR, let's validate this beautiful goal".

    Let's face it, players are not giving their all because there is nothing to play for. It would be silly to get injured before the final.

  38. Help! I’ve been following United since 1963 and after all these years I find myself looking away and getting distracted by something else. I’ve taken the break option instead of renewing my season ticket and I dread the Europa Final. Am I sick or is there something wrong with the football.

    I’d rather check up on tomorrow’s weather or feed the cat than watch our defense trying to play the ball around at the back. Not just tonight, but we’re reduced to watching little cameos surround by dross. I hope this is temporary and Fi get the love back and I hope football gets well soon.

  39. For being one of the best one on one tacklers, Wan-Bissaka too often gets dragged out of position and doesn’t see or let alone chase his man during passages of play. I don’t know why both him and Lindelof often try and and move into the same position. I hope this issue improves.


  41. Redwan Hossain Jeshan

    2nd place confirmed now that Leicester have lost

  42. Stupidly dropped 2 points although we finished the season at 2nd thanks to Chelsea. Cavani simply superb.

  43. Well after the Chelsea win and the draw United IS second.!

  44. Our manager is clueless and it’s clear to see that the players are not afraid of him. The team is a shambles and hopefully when we get beat in the final the P.E teacher will be sacked.


    Lindeloff was Bullied off the Ball again by small players, DDG had to make a Great Safe.

    Mason missed a one on one.

    AWB keeps getting sucked in , same like RB LIEPZING game.

    Mcfred cannot be playing next season