CLOSE-UP of Messi's FOUL that got him his FIRST RED CARD | Supercopa Final 2021

Deserved red card? Let me know what you think in the comments!
# 2-3 #AthleticdeBilbao
#slowmotion #closeup
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  2. Irham's Channel -

    using hand to attack rival on the court, definitely will given a Red Card. Especially he hit the rival on the head..

  3. Yellow card

  4. deserved red card

  5. Yellow card

  6. i like wet stuff

    I searched for a close up for 2 days straight..Now finally..

    Thank you..

  7. hd Official 875

    Not red card repree cheatar

  8. That is not a red card

  9. Hannu-Pekka Alamäki

    Laughing my ass off. That is not a red. VAR room been eating hallusinogenes. 😀