DARWIN NUNEZ TO MAN UTD | Erik Ten Hag's Transfers | The Full Story

Will become Erik ten Hag’s new striker signing and the goalscorer United need to progress as a club? Here is the Full Story of Nunez to Man United, looking into the reports and how they’ve developed as well as a tactical look at his strengths and where he would fit into a Man United team under Ten Hag.

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  1. UnitedPeoplesTV

    Do you think Darwin Nunez is the perfect striker for Manchester United to sign this summer for Erik ten Hag?

  2. Carolina Johnson

    Nice idea

  3. he will be a prefect

  4. Kane would be my top target. EPL proven. If priced out of a move, then Nunez. Bear in mind that moving to EPL is a step up.

  5. If we will Sign Striker I would Get NKuku For Sure

  6. Molamin Kinteh

    Get raphina as Mata replacement!

  7. Molamin Kinteh

    Will love richarlison
    He can play RW LW and CF and he’s Brazilian

  8. sabatamapetla

    Great content

  9. Apesto a Pesto

    Darwin welcome tho the Liverpool !!!!INWA💪💪💪

  10. Im getting sick of these rumours/tweets/clues….that a player is linked with united….come on..we are just hyping ourselves with these talks about what ifs…..
    Why can't we just be like other clubs where they dont really talk much about players coming….next thing you know…boom…fabrizio romano : here we go….can we just chill with the what ifs….i think its better if the news just be a surprise for us…

  11. Kwame Carmelo Addo

    Man U should go for Nuñez, Jonathan David or Oshimen. Maybe Richarlison or Calvert-Lewin if none of the other players

  12. Be bs just rumours from full of poo journalists all ready been linked to about 20 players Romaro chats utter crap nothing ever concrete

  13. Yes let's be honest and go for him

  14. I think it's better Man United to sign a CF who will allow all other players to score, just like at Man CIty and Liverpool almost everyone at the starting line up can score

    Having D. Nunez will make our attack so predictable because all of the team members will be working to supply him. This will put us at no chance to compete for the title.

    In my opinion i would go for Christopher Nkunku, he can play along with the other team members and allow everyone to score

  15. If his hold up play is poor what's the point? It not like he's gonna get the service to score goal if you look at the service Ronaldo got this season.

  16. First of all, players has to fit in, and understand Ten Hags football filosofie…at least…C'mon Eric…C'mon! United!

  17. Andy Nasution

    IDK man, i just doubt about this

  18. Muhammad Zulkhairi

    Thinking of signing new striker but manu already have multiple striker..the problem is not the striker, but the defence & cdm

  19. Victor Da Silva

    What about gianluca scamacca

  20. geoffrey botha

    United fan channels are boring ,same old s*** . All they say is deal almost done, deal half way done, welcome to manct United. End result nothing. And United is very slow with signs. Look at city already go Halland, Madrid got Rudiger…….

  21. Forget Nunez…DCM is priority

  22. I would rather have Rashford than Richarlson

  23. i think if eth can get the best out of rashford, he could turn him into the same player as nunez

  24. Starting with 24 secs of ads is just wrong

  25. marlanz videos

    I would rather Martinez at inter Milan

  26. Emil Frederiksen.

    United have such a bad reputation in the football world i doubt we can sign him we should put youth into the team and go for championship talent and rebulid the club.

  27. Danno’s Aviation

    He’s being a bit overhyped in my opinion, he’s having one good season compared to some pretty average ones previously… I’d wait another season and see if he’s not just a one-season-wonder, especially at £60/£100m like his supposed asking price🤷🏼‍♂️

  28. onotu aliyu ohindase

    Nunez is the missing piece of the attack

  29. I'm afraid this follows the same old pattern, lots of maybe's. City's business is almost over!

  30. We need ro buy plsyers on the free.

  31. Our total budget may be aound 100 Million to 150 million.

  32. Our big problem has been our Midfielders dont provide many chances for our strikers

  33. We need A Holding mid, CM,RB LB, CB winger and a striker.

  34. I feel Nunez is the perfect option 👌 let's get him soon as possible

  35. oluwasegun ajayi

    I think Harry Kane will be a perfect fit for whatever style ETH wants to play. I have my worries with NuneZ

  36. David Johnson

    If Erik likes him and we can get him then cool ! if we had Anthony on the right & Sancho on the left serving him the that i believe would be a strong front 3
    Malacia left back , Laird right back both over lapping pinging in crosses with Kamara CDM Timber centre half sounds good to me ,