DJOKOVIC vs BERRETTINI | Wimbledon 2021 | Final Preview

Novak Djokovic will take on Matteo Berrettini in the Final of Wimbledon for 2021. It’ll be the third time these two have faced off in the singles and we have a clash of styles with the returning of Djokovic vs the power of Berrettini! Who will reach the Wimbledon Title?

0:00 | Intro
0:07 | Matteo Berrettini
1:06 | Novak Djokovic
2:16 | Head to Head
2:32 | Keys to the Match
2:59 | Prediction


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  2. congratulation Djokovic

  3. Hello, Novak! Well done, Boy, a real Kort Fighter! The feeling of the match is amazing. At first, for some reason, my head ached, looked into the phone … The first set was for the Italian, turned off the phone … I was surprised that the pain began to disappear somewhere … I looked again at the result… Two bills were behind you … I went for a walk along the lake, passing by the Temple, and prayed for your Success, your Deserved Victory!Новак,С успешным завершением Финала Уимблдона,Ты НАСТОЯЩИЙ Герой Корта и Сегодня Твой День, РАДОСТЬ, Волнение.Болельщикам на трибунах,твоим поклонникам,Родным,Друзьям…. СВОЕЙ Стойкостью Подарил Незабываемые Эмоции! With Victory, Novak Djokovic! Health, Happiness World LOVE CONSENT OF FAITH Hope PEACEFUL SKY, Sports Success!2021, July11.🌞❤️☀️💫✨🎆🤗Thank you, Novak. With love from Russia ! Alexander.

  4. Goodness gracious what a very very handsome guy is berettini.
    Omar sharif handsome type.
    Great match.
    Congrats to both.
    Djokovic is a wolf, combo of nadal and Federer with a lot of smart. Amazing! Enjoyed every second . God bless all of them they are awesome, they give us so much pleasure.

  5. Novak♥️ congrats 🌹🌹

  6. I think berrattini only for the serve but nothing special . His game is monotonous

  7. Wondering if Djokovic EVER Succeeded in Getting his First Serve IN??!!

  8. God bless you Nole .. God is whit you

  9. Idemo Nole …victory is yours

  10. barettini the next generation.. you must win in this party

  11. Djokovic's my hero from beginning to end. He's mentally and physically strong and I just love him. 💞🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦


  13. Djokovic ! we trust you. You're the champion ❤

  14. Lets go Noleeee, history and glory is there, take it !!👊👊

  15. I love how you say Novak is going to win JUST BECAUSE of experience… Are you telling us that you don't think Novak is better player? What have you been smoking bro?

  16. If Berrettini will control his nerve,he will beat Djocko

  17. Funny guy, Djokovic will win "just because berrettini wasn't in the final before", not maybe because he is 19 GS winner, best player by far in the world 🤣 it's so funny how people are like Djokovic should be scared of Berrettini, then Berrettini should sh** in his pants cuz of Djokovic.. But you know this guy is a kyrgios fan so you know how it goes 🤡🤡🤡

  18. Novak djokovic will win in three set

  19. My favourite tennis player always outstanding to take the Wimbledon

  20. Goodluck Nole come on you can do it God bless you g

  21. The underdog will win. 🏆

  22. I think Berettini Will win One set he can even win 2 sets because he is a great server but he Will not win of course 90% chances to Djokovic although its much thouger to beat berettini in grass than in clay

  23. Berrettini You can do it 🇮🇹🇮🇹💪

  24. Thank you CAM for the time to put these stats together. Quite an effort to get this task done🇨🇦. 👍

  25. Could it be an all out brawl?


  27. Strong resistance in the first set but falters. 7-6 6-4 6-4

  28. Гоу еввей.джокович

  29. I hope this is an entertaining match but I just don't like the Berrettini playstyle match up against Djokovic. Let's not even mention Djokovic is playing with the most confidence he's had since his epic 2011 season.
    Joker bores this crowd 6-4,6-3,6-2.

  30. I totally agree. Very on point. People here are just fanatics. Djokovic has been experiencing stomach problems. If he is ok now, that's a matter of debate. His service against Shapovalov was 36% for most of the match. I don't think Berretini will win, but straight sets is just ignoring reality. Novak has to be tired. He has played too much tennis back to back.