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  1. In my country every one human must pay uber tax 70% from income. This is the one reason why i hate US and wish Rusiiai fuul nuclear victory.

  2. I really appreciate this. I'm looking at doing it myself. my personal vehicle is just not suitable for rideshare, so having someone really show me the difference helps tremendously

  3. Hey Jay I hear taxi is busy again — I’m going to hit the streets this week. Customers are sick of surge pricing. So maybe renew your a card and do another video?

  4. Way I see it, it's way better to be a traditional taxi driver. No gas or maintenance expenses, taxes are automatically deducted from paycheck, and there's all the unrecorded tip money.

  5. I’d rather go be a CDL truck driver I’m sorry it pays more you can make $100,000 a year after you work hard enough

  6. It’s kind of stupid how you’re paranoid about giving your debit card or credit card number you’re probably going to give it to your car insurance company and other people so what the hell is the point of your paranoia. Here is why people drop you because you’re not going very far we rideshare drivers don’t make a lot of money. I’ve experienced yesterday a boyfriend and his girlfriend getting drunk they got in my car his girlfriend puked all over my van I no longer want those kind of people in my vehicle. It’s my vehicle I don’t work for a taxi company I will decide who gets in my vehicle and who does not. I don’t wanna hear from people you can get the cleaning fee I did get a cleaning fee I harassed Uber to get the maximum because I’m very angry at the fact that this even happened in the first place because it was late at night I had to stop my driving for the night and then I had to go home without making much money and wait until the next morning so I can have it professionally cleaned. I don’t like how because of Covid now some people don’t want to clean interiors of cars. So now I’m in a situation where I’m either on my own to touch that persons puke and gloves or no gloves you customers should have more consideration for the drivers. I don’t care about the advice from the rideshare companies about giving you candy and water no you pay me nothing you pay me hardly anything I get very little from the companies that you pay all you deserve is your trip to the destinations nothing more nothing less. I’m done being nice. I was fired from one rideshare company because a customer complained about me having a problem with them bringing a bunch of their friends into my vehicle when that wasn’t the procedure. The rules were there only a certain number of people can get into my vehicle and normally only the customer with the account is supposed to get into my vehicle they’re not supposed to invite 10 of their friends. They were not wearing masks I caught coronavirus I reported them but because they complained about me I was the one who was fired. I’m tired of kissing butt and getting nowhere. You customers don’t have the right to abuse workers and you should have consideration because you have a job to go to and you’re a worker the customer is not always right. And sometimes I don’t like certain people who get into my vehicle because they’re sketchy or they seem like they could get violent next time I’ll never miss treated they better get out of my car or I call the police and if they don’t leave at that point I will drag them out of my car myself. Because I secretly keep a knife on me and I don’t care about the rideshare policy about weapons because when my life is threatened nobody is going to come fast enough to save my life not even police.

  7. I don't understand why the gate is so high.Roughly 25K a year. That's the price of a Medallion in Chicago.

  8. As far as you making more money driving for Uber and Lyft Vs driving the taxi, did you take into account the mileage, wear and tear you are putting on your own personal vehicle when you drive for Uber and Lyft? I would think that would be a significant matter to consider.

  9. I am going for taxi here in Chicago..

  10. Interesting. I had anticipated that today maybe taxi customers actually might be better, because Lyft and Uber have attracted the cheap scum riders of the earth. But you have to go where the money is.

  11. I started as a uber driver and now I am a taxi driver in geneva Switzerland and yeah the taxi is way better. I earn more than uber. And beside of this the taxi has a story behind not uber. sorry for my english not my native language.

  12. I wish the company I work for would give passengers the option to pay up front for their trips.

  13. I drive taxi in Reno Nevada for a company that has a daily lease But they charge half the total book plus $10.00 daily lease plus I pay for the fuel.

  14. Primitive. Uber and Lyft will dominant. Taxi is dead.

  15. Keep doing this it's better

  16. The majority of Taxi passengers are amazing. And you didn't do it long enough to build your own clientele. The two techs should and prolly will combine. In taxis you also have places to park, more chances to help people out of difficult situations, better tips/smoother bar close, strip club bounties? … Mainly the quality of customers you get is better. Just down to earth rad folks. And if you feel like stretching your legs and working for $3 – 4 bucks just do a delivery from your cab;). Unfortunately Cab companies charge the drivers far too much and don't reinvest in marketing and tech but the profit margin is "potentially" greater in a taxi. And no kiss ass hold hands rating systems. Just respect each other and be human.

  17. 50 hours yields $2000? Hard to believe you make $40 hour driving given the fact that on average you only get 2 rides during that hour and the average ride is worth around $9….How does $18 become $40? I know there's some bonuses in play, but come on!

  18. Flywheel logo looks very similar to door dash. What did it cost you to become a taxi driver with all the fees and such

  19. Gate fee. Little high. 👎