ELANGA In, RASHFORD Out | Manchester United vs Watford Match Build Up

Here is our Manchester United vs Watford Match Build-Up Show and why Anthony Elanga absolutely has to start ahead of Marcus Rashford from now on.

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  1. UnitedPeoplesTV

    Here is our Manchester United vs Watford Match Build-Up Show and why Anthony Elanga absolutely has to start ahead of Marcus Rashford from now on.

  2. We should have been playing Rashford and Martial as strikers a long time ago. We need left and right wingers. Stop playing strikers wide. We didn’t play York or Cole, Sheringham or Ole wide. Stop playing Ronnie up front in the box. If we do they just put more players on him. Reducing the space to shoot at. We bought Sancho supposedly as solution to the lack of aright winger. Lo and behold he doesn’t like being on the right.

  3. Elanga starting 11, too early for me personally to judge, but I've always said Rashford is way over hyped, and not a starter for me, can't tackle, he fouls, won't jump committed to win headers, runs at full speed chasing hopeless balls played back to the away keepers, what is that about. Shaw, Maguire, Lindleof, Basaka ain't good enough either.

  4. The Tipster Dickson

    Hi sam you should always tell us your full time score prediction. Other than that you show is awesome. Watching u from Uganda

  5. Investing in crypto right now should be at every wise individuals list. In few minutes you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today..

  6. Dont know why, but i have a feeling hannibal is going to start

  7. Faizaan Hassen-Bootha

    i think they should start mejbri

  8. Steamrolled

  9. Are Man United problems unique? Or endemic to the premier League? Burnley beating a Spurs team that overcame the odds against City , the latest of " unpredictable" premier League results triggers my devil's advocate question; rather than berrating ( United, in our case ) top teams , acknowledge that the standard of all premier League clubs is worthy of title " premier" the debate over whether prima Donna's or grit and determination wins , wait and see, I've, still am, supporting for 62 year's Manchester United, I have experienced ( and had personal contact with players and managers , from Busby to Ferguson ) the one determining factor in the " modern" game lacking in my opinion , taking into consideration the giants of past ( not necessarily the best footballers of their respective time, for example Gordon Macween. , Bobby Charlton, Rémi Moses, etc.) Did give their all for the badge and shirt of Manchester United . The pride of Manchester isn't in tattoo designs or stupid hair colours and designers clothing , the Pride of Manchester United is the fans enjoying the anticipation of the next match then being there to cheer , and rant and rave about the spectacle of their heroes playing a game they know and desire above all a victory for the red devils. " Modern coaching" and technology in general has deminished the active sport to a virtual reality chess game , not every footballer is a kasperov , the only statistic that counts is score and don't concède goals.That has not changed in my 62 year's.

  10. I'm looking forward to having Elanga replace Ronaldo as a striker. It is because CR7 definitely needs rest after 3 full games he played.

  11. academy breakthrough Moyes-Januzaj, van Gaal – Rashford, Mounrinho- McTominay, OGS – Greenwood

  12. Its difficult to keep clean sheets with Maguire. I'd go Eric bailey and Varane, telles and Wanbisaka , Matic Pogba, bruno, Sancho, Ronlado, and Elanga.

  13. What about McTominary coming back in this squad

  14. Yeah I agree rashford absolutely needs to go onto the bench until further notice

  15. Hyper Production (SA)

    Let's send these hornets back to the Championship

  16. Rishav Chauhan

    Maguire gets chances because Lindelof gets bullied a lot in air and lacks physicality.he may progress the ball well and can shoot long range pases but he gets easily beaten in physical duels so maguire is there and shaw is having a horrible season so telles should start

  17. Shamar Kellman

    Dalot, Shaw, Maguire, Fred, Matic or Ronaldo, should ever see the starting lineup again….

  18. Aaron Lawrence

    Do you think Lindelofs runs up the field and ball control give him a chance to try CDM if he isn’t going to start at CB? Maybe even just as the person to give McTomminay breaks?

  19. Idk about Watford but I wanna see KingTominay school Atletico about physically rough football!

  20. Got a new bird yet spam

  21. Definitely Shaw and maguire out
    No arguments , it’s sickening and tiring to watch how shiii they both are leaking goals
    Fred come on as a sub but definitely not a holding midfielder
    Elanga definitely start
    Telles and Dalot whip on crosses and we will be good

  22. Ken-Vaughn Lennard

    Van Gaal – Marcus Rashford
    Jose Mourinho – Scott Mctominay
    Ole – Mason Greenwood
    Ralf – Anthony Elanga

  23. Cavani don’t want to play , faking injury

  24. Odoi Jesse jones

    Rashford needs to be dropped for sometime and let elanga shine

  25. Eric Bailey deserves to start hope 😢Ralph drop captain Harry Maguire please my man to slow 🐌

  26. Luke Shaw out out out

  27. Rashford , Fred out our out !!!

  28. Richard Obiekwe

    Crap coaching and favouritism= crap football. It is not a surprise.

  29. Being a Manchester United player must be the best job in the world.

    You have one good game per season and their brain dead fans will spent a decade defending you didn't get a fair chance, while you're paid a Champions League caliber wage.

  30. Da-vid Cargill

    It was Greenwood under Olle

  31. I don’t wanna see Shaw or Maguire anywhere near the starting eleven. Just a personal opinion they remain, for me, the biggest liability, most of the goals we suffered recently come from situation where both don’t make the right decision. I’m done with them both.

  32. Himalayan Wanderer

    We need to play two strikers ….CR7 and Elanga to balance the workload at the top. Ronaldo will remain isolated as a lone striker unless this correction is done.

  33. Hoping for a Watford win, stuff United

  34. Eguavoen Eugene

    we can make elanga our super sup, the get goal guy and it will be a role he will enjoy.

  35. Emmanuel Tondikatti

    Elanga should definitely start rather than rashford but I hope rashford gets a chance in this match after united have a lead and scores a goal just so he pumps up his confidence. He is a great player. There's definitely something personal affecting his game. Hope he recovers from that.

  36. Ronaldo needs to rest…