From HUMAN To SISSY Story In Minecraft!

Sissy Blissy is Huggy’s long LOST sister!
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  1. wen huggy just was like [email protected]!&** was to funny!

  2. Calleigh Turnski

    Bro this is the best channel on youtube, cant belive I stopped watching it for a week! Aph your the best

  3. Angelo Saavedra


  4. ชาโคล วินเทจ


  5. ชาโคล วินเทจ


  6. Jelly flower- jelly bean gang

    It’s not a mistake it’s a masterpiece

  7. Nagasree Siyyadri

    I love you aphmau i love you’re videos omg 😱!

  8. a3liaaa Sخقنخقتعتعتعنههنهحنهن


  9. غغا غجلج

    9eine9j 9jwn9j 9u h8 you y h u

  10. 😀😃😄😁

  11. latoya knights

    Ive watched this so much time it my fave video the huggywuggy talk is funny 😭

  12. Dear pierce I think after the vid your throat will hurt

  13. TrashGamingROBLOX

    It's not a masterpiece it's a very great masterpiece

  14. Can you please do piggy from Roblox but Minecraft

  15. Potatoes


    Its not sissy its kissy missy

  17. 19:40 ? hhhhhhh AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  18. 1940 ? hhhhhhh AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  19. I didn't know that there was another female huggy named sissy blissy i thought there was only candy cat, bron, poppy,huggy and kissy

  20. Indah Dwi cahyani

    sissy more like sussy

  21. Huggys voice is pierce but like a scary voice

  22. Goran Petkovic


  23. Ishiwjs


  24. Florentina Ganngir


  25. 1+1=

  26. 19:41 bruh

  27. I was huggy wuggy’s and misty kissy’s child

  28. My friend and I made a game that I was a new huggy wuggy and we called it Fluffy Wuffy, and it was light purple like aphmau’s, I was Fluffy Wuffy, and aphmau was purple too, we made the game before aphmau made this video, should I be concerned

  29. wolf lissiceous

    Everything you do is………………………………..

  30. for a second i thought Huggy was Ryuk

  31. Kissy is huggy's wife and not a sister

  32. #$%^&*@&&***

  33. Kayla Sudarwin

    I like all your video's aphmau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Muhammad Yahya

    kisi. misi

  35. Mr. roblox mini plays

    Hehe name Sissy

  36. Aphmau if i were with you in Minecraft I would be like hey app don’t let people shame who you are or what happens 🌹💋

  37. Sissy bliesy is actually cool name I am not gonna lie

  38. Ana paula Santos


  39. •Pastel squad_Playz•

    It’s kissy missy not sissy blissy

  40. Patar Tampubolon