Glazers SELLING Part Of Manchester United EXPLAINED | The Full Story

The Glazers are selling 8% of their ownership in for over $186 million. Here is the full story explaining what that means for , for us fans and everything you need to know.

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  1. UnitedPeoplesTV

    The Glazers are selling 8% of their ownership in Manchester United for over $186 million. Here is the full story explaining what that means for Man United, for us fans and everything you need to know.

  2. So these F#$%ers sold shares in our club to raise cash to buy a Cricket team? I guess Deadwoodward will be back at the club now since he's got no job to go, maybe Cricket is his passion, unlike football.

  3. The Drinking Game Maker

    Kill the Glazers!

  4. Thieving Glazers Stole our money 💰the sooner these thieving baskets leave the club the better

  5. I used to be United fan but now don't care about football whatsoever. Glazers don't own United, the banks and hedge funds who loaned the millions to the Glazers own it. Glazers still owe about $500.000.000 and the amount is not getting lower. Glazers will never pay the debt off because that's not what the tribe does. They owe to fellow tribesmen and the dividends from the United shares which is about £17m is enough for them.

  6. Carrington Ndhlovu

    You can look at it however you like but from the glazers perspective it's reducing the risk

  7. Gareth Terblanche

    Never apologies for the truth…the swearing is what makes u real😂…"f**k the Glazers"

  8. I'm TUS army…but since i saw your interview with Beth, ive subscribed to you too. Like the content and love the way you break these things down. Thanks 🙂

  9. Yo Sam they can sell 95% of those shares and still have 100% control. It really means nothing

  10. Glazers got a heads up that Saudis were coming back for New Castle after their settlement with Bein Sports and realised there will be no guaranteed top 4 without putting a lot more cash back to the club and testing waters to jump ship before it's too late…

  11. Time for more protests I think

  12. Stop.
    Fuk glazerz.
    Continue on.

  13. Simon Wakefield

    You do realise the club DID get money from the initial float right despite there being no obligation to do so. 

    And on the fan share scheme you do also realise that such a thing isn't something you can throw together in a week right, it will take a year or more because its massively complex. They have to find a solution that the fans will be happy with because most of them are expecting a 50+1 style setup but which doesn't dilute the current shareholders holdings. TBH most likely what will happen is a 3rd class of share will be created similar to the EFL golden share all EFL clubs have to issue where they have no voting power (or less than either of the current classes have) on business matters and won't allow for a takeover to be launched using BUT there will be certain non-business areas where these shares will hold equal (or 50+1) votes with the Glazers on as that's basically the only way they aren't going to find themselves being sued into oblivion by the current shareholders.

    Also you may want to actually look into the figures more rather than just believing the propaganda. Firstly some of the figures that get put into the Glazer cost are actually paper costs not cash costs, paper costs actually save money. It should also be noted the debt provided a tax shield which saves money. And when you look at the actual costs and also look at the PLC costs and extrapolate (with the assumption that they would grow revenues the same, something which is debatable as unfortunately part of the reason the Glazers ended up buying the club is revenue streams were being left on the table which made some of the shareholders unhappy) the cost of the PLC over the same period is actually pretty similar because the dividends are paid after tax so provide no tax shield so while dividends overall would be less than the interest the tax the debt saved and the extra tax that would have had to be paid closes the gap massively (plus some of the Paper costs that save tax are takeover related, things like Goodwill). Are they amazing owners who are just throwing their own cash at a personal plaything (Which personally I'm not sure is a perfect owner, Chelsea and City might win things but lets be honest they have lost their identities, especially City where its just a pissing contest between their owners and Qatar to see who can distract from how much pieces of shit the Arab Royal families are and it looks like we will now have Saudi Arabia arriving in the dick measuring contest. I don't know about you but I don't want to see a United where our identity is lost, it was bad enough under Moyes/LVG/Jose where it was partially lost let alone if it takes a Transfer Ban to use youngsters like at Chelsea or like at City where it takes an exceptional talent like Foden to get a chance and even then its taken Foden 6 seasons to get the same number of League games that Mason has got going into his 4th), no but are they worse than the PLC, hell no.

  14. I hope they are selling control of United

  15. It is utterly ridiculous that the structure of shares in United is even allowed. Class B shares having 10 times the voting rights over the class A shares potentially allows a shareholder to control the vote with a significant minority of shares in a listed company. There is no risk to the Glazers selling shares at a huge profit because they will retain control no matter how many Class A shares they sell. This should be illegal. The worst decision United has ever made was listing United as a business in the stock market when the club was making money and didn't desperately need an injection of external cash. We've been paying the price for 16 years and counting.

  16. Glazers are not blind. They recognized that Man Utd squandered SGD$130 million on Sancho. Before more money is squandered by OLE and the board of directors, cash out is to the best interest to the Glazers. More fund for new signings? No way. Sell players. Glazers won't support a single cent to correct OLE's mistakes.

  17. Matthew Ellis

    Ye glazers are nothing but money grabbing baskets if they wanted to do a dece t thing they should well amd truly do 1.mufc 4 life


  19. maybe there is an opportunity here to return to be "Real".
    the prices of all the "great" players around, are obviously out of any reasonable proportions.
    I do believe, that a smart management can build a great team with half of the money that needed today. no more expensive "Stars" that their real added value is not really above a good player that fit to the Team and cost half. in the end of the day, this is a Team Football. the power of a Team is inner. does Grealish really make City stronger ? does Messi really make PSG stronger ? I doubt. maybe it's time to think different.

  20. Sorry, but what's the point of the Glazer videos when ultimately majority of fans rather cry whoever the manager is in charge, then the people who running our club into debt and ruins.


    Glazers get out of our dear club…


    A good teacher you are Sam… Nice breakdown.

  23. they were never going 2 be commercial haha. it could of been 10 couldnt it or even better all of it. so a man city type owner can invest in the community, for us all!

  24. David Bratton

    Sam, I have a question to ask. What about the debt? Should the Glazers eventually sell the club are the Glazers responsible for the half a billion pounds of debt before they walk away? The club is valued at 3.2 billion dollars on the NYSE but it seems unclear that this includes the debt. The rumour I heard was that they are not responsible for the debt because it is a Manchester United debt and NOT a Glazer debt??

  25. The glazers will rinse Manchester united before they go


  27. craig roberts

    in all fairness man u is still a company that needs to make money

  28. Lwando Madikizela

    Like the Glazers will ever sell Manchester United. It's scary to think most clubs in the Premier League are better ran than us apart from Arsenal, Newcastle United and Watford. The Glazers knows we hate them but they don't care. As long they get money for qualifying for the Champions league then it's good for them.

  29. kamarudin mohammad

    Nobody is able to take over ownership of ManUnited from the Glazers. It is too expensive a proposal not unless if there are Arab billionaires who are interested in football willing to consider taking over and pay for the ridiculous price.

  30. So basically the revenue generated from Ronaldo has been taken out of the club

  31. man united fans inside the stadium should protest by not leaving the stadium after the game , they should show their faith and solidarity with their club.

  32. Principal Skinner

    Great VID. Glazers OUT!! Greedy Bastards!!

  33. Now just sell the remaining 92%

  34. Linden jr Ashby

    Ole & glazersout

  35. Elvis Mawhinney


    Ronaldo was a cover up, all them fans saying they're giving up season tickets and not buying merchandise are sitting in old Trafford with their Ronaldo number 7 full kits on

  36. Linden jr Ashby

    Sumbody wake up khabib & mc gregor

  37. From a financial perspective, the only reason why the Glazers are selling is they believe that the share price of Man Utd is currently higher than their valuation. In other words, they believe that the share price will NOT increase in the near future, say 2-3 years or even 5 year. As such, I believe that the Glazers are not confident in Ole’s title race or any trophies in the coming future. If the Glazers trust Ole, they will not sell the shares at all.

    So now you might be asking why not Ole out and get a new manager to replace Ole to chase for the trophies. Well… the only reason is the atmosphere around Old Trafford. Sacking Ole will bring back darker days which will ultimately affect their share price. I feel good and bad for Ole. Hopefully, he can prove the Glazers wrong by pushing the share price up with more victories. We should support Ole in the fight against the Glazers



  40. Their prime aim was to install the American capitalist model in Manchester United .

  41. We want real Anti Ole content cos this season he is the P not Glazer's

  42. Philip Robinson

    Sorry, but until they finally fuck off this is just a gesture. Sure it's better than nothing. But not much. The two worst days in United history are the crash. And the day the glarsers took over.

  43. I agree with Rivals this time around your Manager sucks. Any Top Manager would've won 7 outta the first 8 games

  44. The super league showed them for what they really are business men united are only a cash cow