How to make stress your friend | Kelly McGonigal

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Stress. It makes your heart pound, your breathing quicken and your forehead sweat. But while stress has been made into a public health enemy, new research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case. Psychologist urges us to see stress as a positive, and introduces us to an unsung mechanism for stress reduction: reaching out to others.

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  1. I feel like now I’ll just be like ‘’stress is good for you’ but deep down I’ll be like but am I really believing this

  2. me: debilitating social anxiety

    her: "stress makes you social"

    me: 👁 👄 👁

  3. Soul Munchies

    The Home Depot ad started playing and I’ve just been humming the Home Depot theme the whole time

  4. Hanna Natalisa

    The last minute is gold ❤️. Now I understand why even in a stressful condition I'm still calm and happy inside. I have a meaningful life, in a place where my calling is ❤️

  5. I feel like she might be interpreting the data incorrectly for that first study… Or maybe the researchers were the ones to do that. Because those who didn't see stress as harmful… Well, it probably wasn't harming them. Those who did see it as harmful… It was probably harming them. So the ones unharmed from stress had a lower rate of death, and the ones harmed from stress had a higher rate of stress. Unharmed dying less, harmed dying more. What a revelation /s. I just think that maybe they should look at what's right in front of them before jumping to conclusions, y'know?

    And for the one about stress and caring for others… Wow! People with people who are there as support groups have a lower rate of death, and don't have any stress-related death effects? Wildin' /s.

    Anyways, I mean no offense to this psychologist, but it just feels… like advice for a very certain group of lower-stress folks.

  6. 스트레스로 인해 심장이 빨리뛰고 식은땀이 날 때, 스트레스를 극복하기 위한 신체반응 이라고 긍정적으로 이해하는 것이 신체를 좋게 변화시킨다는 연구결과가 아주 놀랍네요.
    정말 모든것은 마음에 있었다라는 것을 이번연구로 알 수 있었어요.
    스트레스로인한 신체변화를 긍정적으로 받아들인다면, 옥시토신이 더 많이 분비된대요. 이때 혈관이 오히려 평소때보다 더 이완되어 있고, 심장에서 옥시토신을 수용하면 데미지도 회복하는 물리적인 변화까지 한다고 해요. 너무 놀라운 일~
    그뿐만 아니라 이런변화는 사회적인 역활도 한다고해요. 주변을 자신을 지지해주는 사람들로 둘러쌓이려는 욕구를 자극시킨다네요.
    사람들에게 더 다가가고 이해해주려고 할수록 더 많은 옥시토신을 가질수 있다고합니다. 스트레스받고 있는 누군가를 보살피고 소통하는 사람들의 사망률이 더 낮아다고 해요.
    위기의 순간에 나를 믿고 긍정적으로 용기를 느낄수 있다면 건강하게 잘살수 있을것 같습니다. 또한 위기에 처한 누군가를 보살피는 마음을 갖는것이 스스로를 구하는 일이었네요.
    최근에 들은 연구중에 너무 감명 깊었어요. .

  7. Christian Christensen

    Anyone who knows which studies she's referring to?

  8. أطياف الزمرد

    Great talk
    It’s make me feel really good about my stress 👍🏻

  9. AMAZING!!!!

  10. This is indeed a revolutionary talk, her talk is definitely going to save life's of viewer's.

  11. Internal injection truly here under God Louy$lugz

    No stressing or mad vibes inside turn out at a point

  12. Angeline Bena

    I’m starting to love all these Ted talks. Very informative

  13. I wonder why Muslims have no stress, even we are not familiar with term. Despite of having economic, social, and financial issues we Muslims are as happy as if there is no issues in their life. I believe that peace and comfort in life comes through the connection between you and God. The more you are connected to Allah the better peace and blessings you get.
    So, invert to Islam and throw away the stress.

  14. Dana Leshchuk

    I thought the cortisol was a stress hormone 🤔

  15. Honestly I don't believe this as much as I did 3 years ago. I lost all my meaning and purpose in life, so being stressed out made me suffered. This only works when you have a clear goal and purpose. I used to be like this, my goal in school was to be the top students and get good grades, so this let me step on stress and achieve stuff.

    After swimming in the dreadful world of work, I lost all meanings, my goals and my dreams.

  16. it saved my mind right now

  17. Archduchess Milo

    Such an inspiring video… If not for WhatsUp recomending me this video, I would never have known! Its so great that I shall forever keep this in mind.

  18. What a voice and English pronounciation.
    Totally perfect.

  19. Brenda Martins

    Uall 🇧🇷 eu amei

  20. New director of Hogwarts is very pretty

  21. これ高校生の時に見て、勇気もらってたの、社会人になって久しぶりに思い出し、また見た。考え方で変わるのなら、努力したいと思った。

  22. Lesley Boulant

    This is so profound. I have sent this individually to everyone of my friend group and my family. Basically, “together, we can do this!”

  23. You got me! A lot of people should know about this 👏

  24. Binyomin stark

    When you say stress do you mean anxiety as well?

  25. Laurenția Costin

    That's why a lonely person lives less

  26. Daniel Maluenda

    Biology of courage

  27. Daniel Maluenda

    Care-created Resilience

  28. Daniel Maluenda

    "Theres two kinds of angry people, that are in need of Anger Management, those who explode, and those who implode"
    – Jack Nicholson, Anger Management

  29. Edith Jenoudet

    Incroyable, c'est une nouvelle perception WOW

  30. Caring created resilience☺