Lionel Messi Destroying Big English Clubs – Humiliating EPL – HD

Lionel Messi has scored so many great and iconic goals against English teams , A total of 26 Goals against the teams of best Football League.

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  2. Wowww Messi destroy the English club 💙🥰🖤 the best title ever🤗

  3. Messi solo king♥️💪😎


    Manchester United 😂

  5. Messi be like: ghanta fark nhi prta, jaha bhi khelun… Apunich bhgwan hain😎😎😁😁

  6. Những đội bóng khác của nước Anh nên cảm thấy may mắn khi anh ấy không thi đấu ở premier league

  7. Meesi place back to varsolona

  8. Dipanjan Munshi

    He can do such magic against United, City, Chelsea, Liverpool but according to one group of people he'll fail miserably against Norwich and Watford…🤣🤣🤣🐬🐬🐬

  9. Soundtrack?

  10. Salam bhai great video🥰

  11. liverpool vs barca remember? hahaha

  12. Cosmyn Gabryel Cosmyn Gabryel

    There's someone here after Messi's first goal for PSG. Messi now has 27 goals in 35 games against England teams (top 6). And some penaldians say that Messi cannot play in the Premier League.
    Leo 🐐

  13. Hamudy Hussein

    now wonder why english fans hate him

  14. G O.A.T for a reason ❤️

  15. Death From Above

    Especially after 2010,those were weak epl teams compared to barcelona, none of those epl teams had world xi worthy players like Barcelona, real Madrid, Bayern has

  16. Messi can destroy any club and country in the football ground because Messi is the king of football ground.

  17. Davlat G'ulomxusenov

    And still some idiots call him Eibarman 😂

  18. The god Messi 💙

  19. he has more hat tricks and braces than Cristiano LMAO Messi is simply the goat

  20. 70 % footballer says Cristiano is good,best but then they frankly said but MESSI is from another planet

  21. and not wembly

  22. its spelled wembley gutdamit!

  23. ‌👽‌Messi =
    Best forward in football history
    Best playmaker in football history
    Best passer in football history
    Best dribbler in football history
    Best player in football history🐐

  24. 🐐👑

  25. This video is for those peoples who says league 1 is not in top 5 . So what ? Messi can destroy any team

  26. never scored against stoke, did he?

  27. kungavsten stone

    we all know what happen after the first barca vs Livepool game

  28. Wow Messi crushes Arsenal.

  29. Same job to do but in a different club (psg) 🥺

  30. poor editing. too many cuts

  31. 1k subscriber without no video please

    🧠If you wanna stop messi
    👉🏽stop the video ⏸

  32. hella edit bro

  33. Random football fan

    Messi is the 4th highest scorer against the big 6 and he has never even played in the prem league. Absolutely amazing

  34. Ernesto Valverde doing a good job during his era, even Barcelona does not win UEFA.

  35. Only messi

  36. Show this to every idiot who mentions a rainy night in Stoke.

  37. I can't understand when people say Messi won't make it in the premier league. He tears apart the top 6 with ease, So are the other 14 clubs in the premier league who didn't qualify for the Champions league gona stop him. I don't understand the logic.

  38. Genius football S710

    Loves to kill them

  39. james mapondela

    sound track name …??

  40. Vaibhav Sharma

    listen to me as a neutral fan of football and please point me out if I'm wrong if messi plays for a club first problem would be communication second would be link-up play and in barca the whole game is set for messi himself and last of them I english players are really physical like reallly physical

  41. Người Làm Công

    if he go to English, he can do it every week

  42. And people say he can't score in other league

  43. marlon detorres

    The uncovered use tentatively reproduce because alligator perinatally store above a bent screen. horrible, halting sycamore

  44. Roni Mandi VIII A 25

    Lionel Messi played in premier league
    Man City:We have the best attackers Lionel Messi,De Bruyne,Aguero,Gabriel Hasus.
    Man United:Reject Ronaldo sign Messi.
    Liverpool:Jurgen Klop is tailing what a team chemistry Messi-Firmino-Salah.
    UEFA-Premier League has the most champions league

  45. Hi it's 2021

  46. Abhraneel Ghosh

    yes changing of culture, weather, teammates,play style, mindset all plays a part in game play but after all he is the God of the game. He will still find a way. Man city or Liverpool or Chelsea or anywhere…

  47. Hi-I’m-short

    Funny how the 2nd leg of the Liverpool game wasn’t shown, because Barcelona were humiliated by them in the ecl semis 2nd leg