Little Square Face – Original Minecraft Song (Minecraft Animation)

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Minecraft Song written and produced by Dwayne Russell

Animation by Fransico Novero

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Little Square Face

Verse 1
when he was just a little block, the creepers came at night
they took his mom and dad away and vanished out of sight
the villagers they came to help but little was to late
he is left to build this world according to his fate.

Little square face
mine this place
gotta survive for another day

You will grow strong
just carry on
never look away…..little square face

Verse 2
on in time he grew up strong a miners man of fame
he never lost the memory of the place from which he came
A man of faith and courage now he takes up armor strong
the creepers they are gonna pay for all their sins and wrong.

All these years have kept him well
but never has the memories fell
in this land he now roams free
A miners tale for you and me

Music supplied by monstercatmedia

Artist and Song: [Electro] : Favright – Green Storm [Monstercat Release] Link:

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  2. i just remembered this… i still love it

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    Lsf is nice
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    All of these comments from like 5 years ago just hit

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    It's been so long and I'm still here.

    And as much as I laugh about some other of these animations now, I can't but help but love them.

    They're truly classics.

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    best song ever

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    His parents can respawn

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    4 years later and this song still rocks well the hole series

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