Manchester United vs Roma 6-2 Cavani on Fire Post Match Analysis

vs Roma 6-2 Cavani on Fire
Manchester United vs Roma 6-2 Cavani on Fire Post Match Analysis
Manchester United vs Roma 6-2 Cavani on Fire Post Match Analysis

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  1. As a PSG fan, I was disgusted to see cavani leaving, this guy is a diamond. Now we have that useless Mauro icardi. Enjoy El matador United fans

  2. The key in M.U. is CAVANI despite the press or some hater.

  3. Pogba just being sarcastic 😂😂😂🔥

  4. Ishraq Qureshi

    Love Pogba

  5. These 2 obviously know nothing about managing a team

  6. OneTrackMind69

    Pogba is world class

  7. Shame BT are selling this channel. No more BT Sports. It will be on Amazon or Disney or some shit. I thought they were doing well too, their stuff is on par with Sky. Their UEFA CL/EL stuff was fucking brilliant. So sad to see it go.

  8. We need Cavani for another year!🇾🇪

  9. Scholesy bloody red😂

  10. Moagi Keitumetse

    Tell Bissaka to teach how it's done shimi, how to tuckle

  11. They played fantastic, Ole is doing a great job as manager but we still need some top signings all they have to do now is wrap it up in the next game. Well done to the manager and the team for not letting the fans that have been protesting get to them and well done to united for upping the security at their training ground as fans know you are not allowed to be there.

  12. He looks happy

  13. Cavan what a player!!!!!

  14. Benedict Samson

    United must do everything possible to keep Cavani for another year. I saw one nonsense report that we are interested in getting Dominic Calvert-Lewin and for £80m. We need to stop showing interest in these overrated English boys like rice, Sancho, and Dominic Calvert-Lewin. If we must get a striker, go for Haaland, go for Ndidi, and a commanding center-back to replace Maguire

  15. kirankumar bhadane

    Bruno and cavani were part of all goals. Either scored or assist or first pass for assist..

  16. Benedict Samson

    we have to keep cavani for another year. To think that he cost us nothing in terms of transfer and has 12 goals and over 5 assist for us this season is amazing. He's outscored our previous number 7's combined(depay, Di Maria, Sanchez)

  17. Cavani is fantastic

  18. Midfield manchester gotten so good after Carrick came… like right away

  19. Brojendro Chanambam

    If either harry can or cr 7 are join in man united next year at least 3 trophies for man united

  20. Cavani is class….reminds me of Mario Kempes!

  21. That 2nd Half was Some of the Best Stuff United have played and need to do more of the Same.

  22. We are winning europa

  23. Rashford will never be a true number 9, he lacks the movement and skill to become one. Martial will never be one also.


  25. Bhadri Narayanan

    Definitely unbaised analysis Kudos to these guys Owen Hargreaves is very good with his insights

  26. Marina Freitas

    Cavani, Bruno and CR7…now Man Utd supporters just imagine how many trophies you will win next year 🤩🤩🤩

  27. Shit analysis

  28. Definitely need a world class striker if cavani leaving in the summer

  29. Claudette Pottentier

    Wonderfull Cavani.

  30. bareknuckles2u

    Former Utd players saying that it WASN'T a penalty. During the game they questioned what Ole was doing. People need to STOP saying that these pundits are biased.

  31. Santiago Martínez

    Cavani 2 assists 2 goals 1 penalty kick involved a wolf in the box! superstar!!!!!!

  32. Pogba, Cavani, Bruno the three superstars carrying this team. They need to come back next year with the new signings and United will rebound to their best

  33. for three goals Pogba was the initiator.. then scored himself

  34. Owen Hargreaves…what a player