Messi and Neymar reunited in Paris

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  1. El Salvadoreño palatedo

    Two of my favorite players reunited

  2. Everyone is excited for MNM but I'm eagerly waiting for Messi X Ramos. Imagine , PSG are playing vs. Real madrid in knockouts and Messi as usual is bossing Real annndd Casemiro tackles Messi . And then we see Ramos fighting with Messi but this time it's not against Messi but is fighting for Messi 😂😂. Gives me Chills tho 😄

  3. maria rita campos


  4. Oui !

  5. maria rita campos

    Psg messi

  6. Messi: wie
    Me thinking about: wie are going on a summer holiday


    Messi país kkk

  8. Vanessa Aparicio

    Ney: Are you happy to be in Paris? 0:01
    Leo: Oui (aka is Yes in French) 0:04

  9. Vanessa Aparicio

    Messi and Neymar, playing together and again

  10. Even if theres MNM in psg.. MSN still the best of all time… rip msn

  11. Jesse Idahosa

    Messi Neymar Paris


    last quest suarez

  13. Henry_ Windson

    What bout Suarez… mnm
    But only og foot ball fans will remeber msn

  14. And ruined barcelona.

  15. Messirve

  16. Messi channel

    How do u make cartoon videos?

  17. luka's garden !

    that oui sounds like nicki minaj said it

  18. Joshua Benedict J

    Oui Oui Baguette

  19. Gustavo Carvalho

    Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo?

  20. aww

  21. Hương Thu Tăng

    messi so cute

  22. Andrea Bustamante

    No les pasa que : i ha to París
    Oui 😎

  23. Vatsalya Sachan

    Messi's cartoon is the cutest one

  24. xristos dimou

    This oui is soo cute😊

  25. Issou La chancla

    Oui oui oui

  26. lmao too funny

  27. No psg and vivve l'om (the psg rival)

  28. I'm excited to see him playing with his old teammate as much as I'm excited to see him playing with Ramos 👀

  29. Neymar : Es tu heureux d’être à Paris
    Messi : oui .

  30. Dayshaun Nalli

    Sadly he's not gonna wear 10 but 30.

  31. Mirror is overrated

    Never a fan of them

  32. wee

  33. Hope they buy suarez the next season

  34. As a Barça fan, I am both sad for leaving us and excited for him starting a new chapter of his professional (and legendary) life. Wish you the best Messi!

  35. Messi 21 years at Barca ends

  36. Thiago Zauli Lessa Resende

    Messi's ''Oui'' is so cute.

  37. Yesssssssss❤️❤️❤️

  38. Dy€G⁰TîPø🗿