Messi. Barcelona (End of an Era)

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  1. re sad

  2. Gerard Montero


  3. Francisco Fernando


  4. Messi 💘 Psg

  5. dont smile because its over, cry because it hapend

  6. Damian Peiris

    Literal goosebumps…🥺😭

  7. Osvaldo Regino


  8. legends never die

  9. 1O17 GLORYBOY

    bro the end of an era was when r9 broke his leg and kaka left ac milan stfu

  10. And now he is shit

  11. che 👃👃

  12. He is the 2end maradona just need to win a world cup

  13. jenkings guteater

    This made me cry

  14. Sebastian Highrot

    no money – no messi. simple.

  15. SourCreamGaming

    That hit hard

  16. So sad

  17. Samuel gerome Gamba leon


  18. ¿Quién está picando cebolla?

  19. Uma vez flamengo

  20. Юрий Тарелко

    This is pretty sad.

  21. To me is clea he doesn't have the same bright in his eyes playing for PSG

  22. He is the reason i love football

  23. 21st Century Schizoid Man

    0:19 Lo que marca lindo el rival. En Argentina te quiebran una pierna.

  24. Erdinhos Haare

    Messi will ever be the GOAT and a Barcelona ledgend

  25. Ending is so emotional for me, made my eyes teary😢😥

  26. Imagine doing this kind of farewell video for Harry Kane but he has 0 trophies won!

  27. 😢