Minecraft, But It Gets Easier…

, But It Gets Easier…
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  1. KujiKirrii_Roblox-BG

    2:41 nestorio: makes a god diamond pick
    Also nestorio: makes stone pick

  2. Angeline Chyntia

    xNestrio has many diamond
    also xNestrio using chain chestplate XD

  3. 7:21
    pov: your lil nas x 😂

  4. For the new pet structure I'm only 8

  5. S boy

  6. Sabitra Gharti


  7. Name billy sandy cause he’s made out of sand

  8. Leticia LaMonda

    his name is Bob

  9. wow allmost 5 million last i watched it was 3 million subs

  10. Great job Nestor we are proud of you hitting 4.5m subs

  11. Name him sir sand

  12. VERY NICE NICE MOD👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  13. RrrRrrRap mOnstEr

    Name the temple thing hooman Bob, Henry, Gerry or Nestrio

  14. At 1.5

  15. 6:00 Hypersand.

  16. Congrats for 4.5M

  17. Bobo

  18. Jesús loves you everybody he is coming back be ready repent not trying to forced anybody if you don’t know how to repent search it like how do I repent how can I be save by God :)<3

  19. The “you broke a log” thing reminded me of the video funny made to teach his dad minecraft.

  20. pringlehead_HD

    8:05 this could be an the walking dead easter egg when u cut of the arms and the jaw then they get "friendly" xD

  21. Munira Huzeifa


  22. Juan Miguel Sanchez

    name him sander

  23. Jingoism ahead game

    All dificultys is easy Normal Hard very hard Difficult Excruciating Irritating Exiaticiatation Remorseless Possible Fienty Impossible Unlike Trending WHY

  24. cameron

  25. getting diamond tools before wooden tools:


  27. Tempture

  28. name it xNestorio.2

  29. Anyone else find the dream with a face in the intro disturbing, I mean its awesome animation but still unsettling

  30. Michelle Cologn

    Who are the game master

  31. name the temple George lol


    I can't talk in your discord group I don't have phone numbet

  33. Morgan Jacklin

    Fred the temple

  34. Jerry

  35. Jeremy

  36. Congrats on 4.5M!

  37. Nicci Livingstone

    Call him buddy
    I love that name

  38. Omg he has it he is such a good YouTuber right

  39. It’s ,,Bidding’’ not binding

  40. Lancekevin Custodio


  41. You already reached 4.5 subs

  42. Nurhazirah Mohd Bakri

    Your videos are amazing 🙂

  43. Name temple Jr

  44. Samina Shakeel

    You are also my favourite YouTuber

  45. Lina Sakura School Simulator🎮

    My 19 year old sister said that is sooo easy

  46. ok, next thing is to mine the sun…

  47. RamaBoy Gemink

    I give his name a Temple Boy

  48. Marvie louie Ganal

    I name him jackyblacky

  49. Svetlana Gladun


  50. Do a face reveal when you hit 5 million