Minecraft but it's SUPER EASY

it’s SUPER EASY…..the story of a world that has a difficulty that is way too easy…..

Voice Actors: Evbo, @JoofyLooby , @SeaWattgaming , @Grox
Actors: Evbo, @SeaWattgaming , Leslie

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  1. The only thing easier is subscribing…..enjoy the video!!

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  3. congratulations 1M

  4. Wow I wish this was a real thing IS IT ? ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tell me in theccomments is it real ?

  5. Todd Campbell

    I LOVE THE EFERT on ittt I love the videos that are so funny 🤣

  6. That player you see is grox

  7. I think if Mojang added this then A LOT of fake speed runs will be fake…

  8. ReallyCoolHippo

    You are so close to 1million subscribers

  9. Congratulations on almost hitting 1 million subscribers!

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  11. It’s like creative mode

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  13. France Kristoff Ontulan

    When i jump off a high place sometimes i lag and dont die:)

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  15. Muzammal Riaz

    Your dab

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    Guys lets make youtube dominated by JESUS!
    Copy this in every video you see!
    💛HE LIVES💛

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  18. ahahhahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  19. Wengkeong Chow

    Then when he takes a nap can he log off?

  20. No nor

  21. Dark The Wolf

    U cant leave. U are trapped here forever.
    Me like: OK lets see about that. Leaves Minecraft game

  22. Peter Dellinger

    Very nice video!

  23. They added a super advanced super ai personalized robot, but not a 2 pixel mob

  24. I watch grox

  25. DaydreamCarey123 4

    When super easy were actually super hard at the end.

  26. Always watch your videos evbo

  27. Bewar Derîşk

    grox is bullying villagers

  28. Michelle McKinley


  29. Canada be like:

  30. Canada be like:

  31. Sigurrós Einarsdóttir

    Fake speedruns be like:
    (Btw if SOMEHOW someone thinks this is an insult then its just a j o k e and im only leaving this because people can be rude and get upset over the smallest things.)

  32. Evbo: jump on 1000 block

  33. ItzTechnickedBlade

    Nice Grox is in the Video

  34. Also subscribed

  35. You are funny I get so happy when you make a new video

  36. I shared your channel

  37. I'm something of a scientist myself

    Gives the same vibe as "if Asian was a difficulty mode*

  38. asharamirkhan


  39. I want that easy mode because IM 6 years old.love your vid🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤

  40. Natasha Mangion

    Evbo:AHHhHHHh Friend:pls dont tell me u jumped evbo:AHHHHHHHhHHHH

  41. If you get stuck in a world, just AltF4

  42. Yaacov the best Gamer

    That what happened to me

  43. The scream is funny

  44. brielle second

    The ending was for some reason funny

  45. Am ganna share your link to my friends if I reached 100 sub or 5

  46. 2 Evbo

  47. Lol

  48. Oooh, so this was used by dream in his speedruns

  49. CatsAreCoolCrew #Offical

    Peaceful mode: bro I'm dead now

  50. 0:19 lol