Minecraft Manhunt But When Hunters Look at Me I Get OP Enchants…

When Hunters Look at Me I Get OP Enchants…

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Karangutan: @Karangutan

Video Editor:

In this video I made it so that when the hunters would look at me it would give me enchants… This led to some insane and funny moments. This was inspired by the likes of Wisp, Yellowool, Boofster, Silver, Tapl, McBirken, Dream and more!

This is not Minecraft Manhunt But I Secretly Used Creative Mode or Minecraft Manhunt But I Can Craft Command Blocks. This video is a speedrunner / runner will be trying to beat Minecraft but 2 hunter / killers are hunting me down but in this version, hunters eating gives me OP items…!

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  4. imozonihayimeta #2

    Gamemode: Minecraft Imposters
    Rule: There are people trying to beat the game, but there is obe imposter among them trying to stop them secretly if the imposter gets exposed the speedrunners can team up and kill the imposter. The speed runners have 2 lives. The imposter has two lives and superpower that he can craft.

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