Minecraft Manhunt, But You Can Turn Mobs Into Weapons…

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, But You Can Turn Mobs Into Weapons…

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  1. 🎯Download or Play FRAG PRO Shooter for free: https://bit.ly/3CWkIbN

    Get $6 worth of free rewards! X1 gold chest🎉 + 500 coins 💰 + 50 diamonds 💎

    + 1 special offer🎁 only for you!

  2. What mod is this?

  3. 1:07 everything is jojo reference

  4. #putwels to Minecraft

  5. 1:10 red team is a JoJo reference

  6. They missed the perfect opportunity to call it the -INATOR

  7. zawarudo and dio 1:08

  8. download it

  9. your face is not helping how to know whats the twist lol

  10. ZAWARUDO and DIO in sponsor :)?

  11. Henry Cornier

    6:30 devs finnal words "oh no im going to survive"

  12. I love how the video ends with a good old "I hate you Kier" XD

  13. Aljean Ampong

    Why does anyone noticed at 1:10 the 2v2 Zawarudo and dio 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Crazy Assassin

    Oh god this video was stupidly amazing

  15. UNSCspartanshadow

    kinda sad there wasn't a real hard to get ghast weapon… or even blaze weaps

  16. Harrison Nicholson

    Makes sense because elmos a terrorist

  17. Vitaliy Otlyev

    he couldve just shot the dragon with laser tho?

  18. Why do they switch being good at pvp

  19. popsickle gaming

    get a god damn hoe to get wheat faster bro (actually kierbay)

  20. •bad karma•

    What about the dragon use the weaponizer

  21. He’s not elmo. He is kiermo

  22. Paulina Jasek

    What is the item you got right after killing the dragon?
    It looks like a clear blue cube

  23. Murder me elmo

  24. Cassandra Rain Tomagan

    when kier sream o my god he sound like dream

  25. Use /me in a man hunt

  26. Half a million!

  27. TTV_Hectorlol

    iS tHaT tHe FoRtNiTe StInK bOmB?

  28. That lag

  29. Was that a jojo reference?

  30. The chances of Elmo killing you are slim but never zero

  31. I remember when shields were much more op and didn’t have a cooldown after an axe hit

  32. do one but dev is speedrunner and your hunter

  33. I love how the end was just

    i hate

  34. Wow

  35. imagine dev weapon

  36. 1:10 jojo reference moment


  38. What if u turned the dragon in gun?

  39. Minecraft does need more mobs, they could do different breeds of animals (boars, cows(Jersey Angus etc), sharks, sea lions in ice biomes penguins, whales, pigeons, ravens(could carry quests/scrolls in pillaged towers) just basic detail changed on existing models of mobs except for penguins and sea lions

  40. alex from twitch

    why does kier sound like dream?

  41. Why the heck do you consider the bone bow better than the fricken rail gun lol

  42. Kxng Nizzy Musical

    At 11:17 the smashing of endermen was satisfying 😂😂😂

  43. Christian Dominique

    pls play farg

  44. Dream 2.0

  45. Clarence Lutero

    What mod

  46. freg191 Playz


  47. Evan Hinchliffe

    Is that a jojo reference in the sponser

  48. Bryan Espinosa

    I mean skin