Mixwell is the New Messi?! | VALORANT BMW Bootcamp In Berlin

After absolutely smurfing during the laser maze, the boys are back again, this time for a game of football.

Watch as our VALORANT team takes on the G2 Office at the Adidas Sports Base Berlin! Mixwell showed off, Keloqz was confident, AvovA gave up 5 minutes in, Koldamenta gave up 2 minutes in and Nukkye gave up from the start.

Who do you think’s the best player? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Lob u Carlos

  2. bruno miguel Mota


  3. Piernas de mixwell 🤤🤤🥵🥵 no antojen

  4. Javier C. Espinoza


  5. aghusss dastoroe

    You guys need prepare to LCQ because you can win the world championship. Go go g2! G2 boat!

  6. After the „They got us in the first half“ I was waiting so desperately for the „Not gonna lie“ xD

  7. Tenz es cr7

  8. SriTeja Uppaluri

    Nice vid, but HOW TF do you pronounce Nukkye's name?? Need three mouths for that…

  9. this is one of the best videos that could be on internet xD

  10. Joaquin Rotharmel

    Mixwell waton


  12. Facundo Vallejos

    Oh man it hurts to watch

  13. Magic House Spain

    Soy FAN del outfit de Koldamenta.



  15. Lamentable xD

  16. Nerfeen a Lucas Rojo dios, G2 Dibu Martinez G2 Íker Casillas

  17. pa cuando kru vs g2?

  18. Valorant vs CS football match would be sick

  19. David Martinez

    Koldamenta no se quita la polo ni para jugar futbol! grandeeeee

  20. Antonio Flores

    Lucas esta bien tieso kjajajaj

  21. Abhigyan Patwari

    I would like to see them play football against SEN. Especially against SEN MESSIE

  22. Julian Beltran

    El equipo contrario ataca:
    mixwell: va a ir a correr su puta madre 🤙🤙

  23. Pueden devolverle Jett de una vez?

  24. Nina Szekeres

    The Valorant team is just so much fun! I really love them!

  25. Jesús Salinas

    Mix smurfing

  26. Sergio Gómez Rodríguez

    No sé qué ha dicho Nukkye al final pero me alegro de que congenie con el equipo fuera del game , normalmente parece un poco en una onda distinta a los demás

  27. G2 Deports

  28. porque keloqz juega con los airpods wtff

  29. Franco Romero

    apestan a raja

  30. Felipe Camiroaga Fernández


  31. play basketball pleae

  32. LA pregunta es porque Keloqs está siempre con los airpods? Pero es que literalmente siempre, necesita banda sonora para su vida constantemente incluso jugando a futbol xD