Monster School : BABY HEROBRINE AND BAD FATHER HEROBRINE – Sad Story – Minecraft Animation #Shorts

Hey guys! It’s me Fimine and in the new animation about Minecraft Monster School you can see new not funny minecraft animation about Brewing Baby Love Curse Challenge All Episodes and Bad Mother Poor Zombie Life. CROOK VS BOSS
Brother Baby Zombie and Baby HEROBRINE Girl 2 – – Minecraft Animation
In other my videos you can see cool guys like this: XDJAMES , Sadako , KAYAKO , Rescue Heeko . Subscribe to my channel to see new animation about poor baby wither life and Crook vs Boss or Family vs Family Animation.

Monsters from the Monster School are invited to play the “CURSE OF LOVE” games, and they accept the challenge! I wonder who will be lucky??? Who will love whom? Will love be strong??? Check it out in today’s edition of “Monster School”! Enjoy watching it! I love everyone!

Guys, subscribe to the channel and like it! There are regular minecraft animations coming out here!

#​​​​ #shortsmonsterschool

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