Moyes helps Manchester United

David Moyes finally manages a huge win for Man Utd Face with tears of joy

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  1. Who got a recommend after 1 year

  2. David Noice

  3. Sachin Venugopal

    Felt sad for Moyes

  4. Oluwole Adeyemo

    Ur coping goal

  5. He will help United even more when he buys Lingard and Jones. West Ham need to stay in The Prem, just for that reason lol

  6. Were 3rd now

  7. Matthew Fitzgerald

    Why does Moyes remind me of moe from the simpsons

  8. Vladimir moose gaming

    ( that means come on you irons as in West Ham ⚒)

  9. Your channel is so underated don't forget us when u hit 1mil

  10. Ahmed Lubi dzieci

    That moyes is so creepy

  11. Ur work is so humble

  12. These short vids are amazing!!

  13. Idi Alberto Gomez Espinosa

    I dont believe this idiot save Man utd