have not extended ’s contract and he has left the club after one season. We want to thank Ibrahimovic for the memories!


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  1. SantiagO rosales94 Hip Hop

    The great superb Legedary United King Zlatan thanks for giving us three trophy in one season FA.Community Shield ,English League Cup ,Uefa Europa League what a great season ,2016-2017…Thanks for the memory!!!

  2. Haseeb Ur Rehman

    you are wro g he plays for manchester united

  3. I just know Peter Crouch working for this channel.

  4. SunsetActor4192 tafa

    I will miss him

  5. SunsetActor4192 tafa


  6. 😑 😞 I miss him

  7. Risiko Low Channel

    ibrahimovic is the best player…

  8. I wouldn't of let him go yet I'm gutted I wish zlatan the best

  9. Are you fucking kidding Me!!!!!????
    What is Mourinho thinking??? release God Zlatan??? O_o
    Where are you going to find a better striker Sherlock? 😠

  10. He came, won 3 trophies, left. What a savage hahaha. jokes aside, he had an amazing season, 28 goals for a 35 year old is insane.

  11. I knew he wouldn't come back… Anyway, he did his job last season no doubt, he's a great player and a great man. Such a shame because he would have been great for a couple more seasons with Morata or another world class striker. I agree with you, he gave us back a lot of swagger that we'd lost. Well done Zlats you were great for us…

  12. What team his he going to

  13. Vincent Ronaldi

    sad…should be stayin for 1 more year..but i dunno maybe the club have another reason for it..maybe they analyze his injury and gameplan..anyways thankyou will be missed

  14. Zlatan the Lion King….

  15. Arguth Reinark

    If we only sign one striker we should look for a return from Zlatan in January. We shouldn't rule him out completely yet.

  16. tank u zlatan…. u will always remain in our hearts

  17. what a legend!!

  18. Livin Varghese

    And that's #zlatan for you haters.. 25<35 #thanks ibra

  19. I'm so sad but it's understandable. Thanks for everything Zlatan!

  20. I'm so sad but it's understandable. Thanks for everything Zlatan!

  21. he is a great leader for united. why I release him? he put confidence in the team. even if he can't play he is still a role model

  22. Sambujang Cesay


  23. Sambujang Cesay


  24. Black lightning

    bloody good news don't want him to stay for a ridiculous fee again he can go retire in America. thanks for the memories zlats

  25. a summer of naingolan, morata , perisic, lindelof and fabinho would be live

  26. Johnson Nyandema

    we wish u happy moments ,we love u for your character of being in man u. I like u so much for your serpont. nais live

  27. I am sorry for him but he will forever be in our hearts as a great striker

  28. a total God….'"*

  29. Rajshree DUMUR

    Most impressive player ever. Unique Zlatan has no substitute. Awaiting for your comeback to Manchester United.

  30. Eamon Mcdermott

    I reckon Ibra would've left, injury or no. But the bloke's been brilliant for Manchester United. I wish him nothing but the best.

  31. Wohoooooo next season we just might even get relegated gj for not signing ibra for another season shitstains

  32. Andre Matulich

    Thanks for the memories Zlatan. What a contribution you've made to our history.

  33. Do you think United will still help with the rehab?

  34. F__k without getting that replacement release him so fast that stupidly as always for MU management

  35. we should keep him during his recovery and if in january he is fit ,we should offer him a 6 month deal.can you imagine a better winter transfer signing for man utd?rashford seems to like playing with him and there was a complicity with pogba so seeing him return in january will probably lift the spirits of the players.and having him as a joker of the bench will be exceptional!if not,he will be remembered as one the bright spots of the beginning of the united mourinho era.anyway,wish him the best for his future

  36. Anselmo Coelho

    Thank you ZLAT for the good hours of football…….I WATCHED….UNITED….

  37. Random Gaming

    the demigod ;ZLATAN

  38. Amron Ollivierre

    it's hard to say without zlatan we would've been lower than 6th when Noone was ever given a proper chance in his position up until he got injured,and when he went out,rashford led the line as well as zlatan wouldve, just as wasteful at times and as useful at other times.

  39. BarebackBarbarians FC

    foolish move – without him last season united would be in the gutter no league cup either – year before that it was de gea that saved you has one of th ebiggest clubs in the world constantly now relying on 1-2 players to save there season over and over again

  40. Thanks for everything Zlatan. Morata & Rashford, take it away guys!

  41. No !! 😢😢

  42. feel sad about this. Ibra has been an absolute gem for the club. You could see the difference he made to the dressing room. Born leader, will be missed. Thank you for everything and good luck for the rest of your incredible journey

  43. Ezequiel Almada

    Well damn.

  44. Realistically sad. The show must go on. Hope we sign him back in January.

  45. teh ilsmaniac


  46. lastavenger85

    its a shame he got injured,great player is zlatan wish him all the best

  47. UnitedPeoplesTV

    Thank you Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the goals, the memories, the League Cup and Europa League. Best debut season since Van Persie. Proved himself in the Premier League.