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Hà Nội: Làng nghề Bát Tràng thiếu lao động cho phục hồi sản xuất

Hà Nội: Làng nghề Bát Tràng thiếu lao động cho phục hồi sản xuất Hiện …


  1. Maximum Override

    Did someone else see the Minecraft chat say that noi blew up instead of Pierce, weird huh?

  2. Angela Smith-Kearse

    Hi I'm new what I'm enjoying your video

  3. the fortnite family

    Me when I see ahpmau song form lovers lane* one two one two three I’ve been feeling so small watch the clouds ticking off the wall but tonight I’ve been feeling the cold to spend my coin for sure or I here or I can be someone else* hope you see this ahpmau

  4. Waaaaaaaaaah

  5. melvin and carla

    That does not like hacking that is like furtureristic

  6. Gelar Antoine Manansala


  7. Gelar Antoine Manansala


  8. YouTube YouTube Videos YouTube Video YouTube YouTube Video Video YouTube Video

  9. I saw it say

    Ein blowed up
    Noi blowed up

    My Pov:didn't pierce need to explode,

  10. Michael dela Cruz

    I love that Hacker Aphmau just hacks le whole vid I feel

  11. Little hacker can help find gold

  12. Lance jasper Castillo

    Pasabugin mo ako mag cheat ka nasaan ang dalawa

  13. Marie Antonette Francisco

    pierce ein blows up

  14. manalastas arvie

    Hobby kk all loP00

  15. 😉

  16. Can you fix it

  17. Hacker aphmau I hawe a BROKEN bone



  19. Rianq

  20. Victoria Cochrane

    The the 2 minis are super annoying

  21. Marisol Mendoza

    (Pierce Ein blows up and chat goes: Ein blew up Noi blew up)

  22. 《~{Taki Chainsaw Queen}~》

    When baby blew up pierce and ein it appeared "Noi blew up" ;-;

  23. I love your videos

  24. Ana Isabel Díaz

    I'o:yes i'm hackers yes i'm sorry not what Friends happy baby i'm hackers

  25. 5g5

  26. rwr

  27. 🧡💚💜❤

  28. aida munira razak


  29. Bbbghgbbh. N. Nnn

  30. I love Casey because he’s really Nice😊

  31. yooooo apmuw hi im a fan

  32. Chill Masashige

    Oil my gosh

  33. Joanne Sevilla

    Kc: she toke ein and pierces stuff

  34. At 5:05 it said run and noi blew up