SOLSKJAER SACKING LATEST: What's Really Happening And When | Man Utd News

What is really going on with Ole Gunnar and his sacking at Manchester United?

Join Sam LIVE this morning as we run through the internal chaos behind the scenes at , the lack of a decisive leader in United’s board, confusion over roles and we discuss Rio Ferdinand saying Solskjaer should leave Man United and pass the baton onto somebody else now.

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  1. laibuni gerrison

    The longest sacking saga?

  2. Such a boring video

  3. Mark Saunders

    63 years I have supported Man U…I can’t watch now. It’s predictable and depressing. Please change what is so obviously wrong….

  4. Yusof Mohamed

    ship OGS out ASAP. BIAS!!!!!
    Maguire, bissaka, fred,tominey,greenwood
    did not deserved to wear MU shirt.
    opinion, day in day out watching MU games make me sick.
    Ball watching, letting opponent higher percentage of possession most of the games they played, bloody slow build up to attack.
    depend on certain players to score goal.
    poor defending, midfield sucks

  5. Magdalene Madrigal

    After such an illustrious time with Molde and Cardiff maybe he could go back to Molde selling hot dogs outside the ground. ☹🌭😖🌭

  6. Joseph Robinson

    Don't worry boys! BIG SAM is waiting in the background. Give it until jan/feb and he will save your season.

  7. Protest for the board to be sacked….to get united back.

  8. Rishabh Shukla

    Hate to write this for you Sam. But these constant video updates everyday about Ole’s sacking is disrespectful to him. Your videos were always about giving honest opinion about Man United. And I love it. But these videos everyday is like throwing everything Ole has done for the club under the bus. Let’s not run this as an agenda. Focus more on other updates about our youth academy, players out on loan, and your thoughts on the upcoming games.

  9. Celestine Nnamdi

    Am tired with update on ole sacking the man should goooooo💯

  10. i agree. one should be open and be brave to change your opinion with the facts in front of you. otherwise u will be exactly like ole. stubborn with selection and refuse to change and bring downfall to yourself.

  11. 2019/20 after 11 games we had 13 pts 13-12 GD pos 10th.
    2020/21 after 11 games we had 19 pts 19-17 GD pos 8th.
    Now we are at 17pts 19-17 GD pos 8th. So I think everything is same as usual. Why all of a sudden all this panic?
    We are every year in top 4, we score 120 goals, we promote youngsters each year, Greenwood, Elanga… Adding VDB Sancho.
    Plus veteran class Cavani Ronaldo Varane. I am very satisfied overall.

    Tottenham 6-1 last year was terrible, Liverpool 5-0 this year same story. Last year Istambul this year YoungBoys.
    But we had 9-0 win last year and had ccme back 16 times! Finished 2nd behind City.
    This year we will go through the CL group stage. Finish top 4 again behind City Liverpool and Chelsea. Lets see how the FA cup goes.
    And continue the process.

    Next Martial Pogba Jones should be sold in January, add a CB like DeLigt or DeVrij, CM like Kessie, and FW Haland. Swap deals could be.
    Then Lindelof Maguire Matic Fred sold in summer. With Cavani Mata probably going also.
    And then finally adding 3 more quality players to complete the rebuild. Milinkovic-Savic Christensen(free) Trippier

    GK DeGea Henderson
    CB Varane DeLigt Christensen Bailly
    RLB Shaw AWB Telles Trippier
    CM McTominay Milinkovic-Savic Kessie VDB
    CAM Bruno Lingard
    RLW Greenwood Rashford Sancho Elanga
    ST Ronaldo Haland

  12. Alien Observer

    Goldbridge never said any such thing. You're the liar. That's a shame as I was enjoying your content this last week.

  13. I just want to say I love the way you conduct yourself mate. Keep up the good work 👌🙏👍

  14. I’ve watched United for over 30 years and this Circus is breaking my heart. Hurry up and sack him so we can move on as it’s hurting the players, the fan’s and it’s cruel to Ole but he’s clueless and needs to go and only cares about himself. Self preservation is unbelievable. The club only want to keep for financial reasons and he’s a shield for the Glazers. Been watching the show for a while and I like it and I loved the videos on Ten Hag and Ragnick, very good and your making me want either one of them in… Good work keep it going buddy 👏👏👍✌️

  15. kamarudin mohammad

    The Glazers Trusting Ole With The Job | Laurie Whitwell

  16. kamarudin mohammad

    The Glazers don't consider at all the managers to replace Solskjaer. Solskjaer will remain at ManUnited until his contract expires in 2024.

  17. Would love Rangnick but the board would be afraid to get someone competent. That alone should be enough to protest Saturday

  18. I think everyone should prepare themselves that this club will probably not sack Solskjaer and over the next few weeks there will be spin after spin to try and calm the fans, sources are saying there is no contact with other agents or managers, considering theres a 2 week break before Watford. The manager and players have gone quiet which means the board want this frenzy to die down for a few days before they spin in that Ole will be staying. Like the super league the board could make this situation very volatile but over time they will find a way to try and calm the fans, however, there is no way Ole can turn this around permanently and the club will suffer as well as the paying supporters in fact this could be a pivotal moment in it's decline. I for one will not be buying next years season ticket if the situation hasn't changed, i miss out on going to the matches but why should the Glazers have a penny of my money as there quite happy to be an average club that plays poor football.

  19. We need to be careful not to over romanticise Ole and what he has done. Absolutely agree that he gave us hope again and helped me reconnect too, but let’s be honest as well. He was never qualified to do the job. He has never been able to talk tactics in depth like Pep and other managers do. Instead of surrounding himself with experienced coaches, he has used coaches with little experience themselves at a top level. He is reactive. He has actually not grown many players at all. Gave Luke Shaw his confidence back. Greenwood has done well. He has caused players like Donny VB and Sancho to regress by not playing them. Played Pogba out of position more times than not. He clearly had his favourites.
    He should have dropped Maguire but didn’t have the balls to make the big decisions.
    He is a nice guy, but not a good manager or coach.
    We gave him his dream job after Jose brought us to a low point. He wasn’t qualified and still isn’t.
    Ole is not a good enough manager to manage any premier league club and we shouldn’t be lording him. He has overseen 2 of our worst performances ever, against our rivals. The guy has no clue.
    He has been paid handsomely to do his dream job. It was a fairy tale but that’s all it ended up being. The state of the club at the moment is not great and the longer he hangs around, the more untenable it becomes. He should know he needs to go.
    That’s the truth.

  20. Well started the beef with goldbrige shouldn't call him a lier your better than that

  21. If they let him manage till the end of the season he will get us relegated like he did with cardiff!!

  22. Grant Pietersen

    OLE`s bigest problm was not buying a proper defencive midfielder cuz i watch how BRAZIL uses Fred as center n not defencive cuz ther r quality like FIRBINHO n CASEMERO n tht why FRED is scoring n assisting in most of BRAZILS game go check it out guys we need proper DMs

  23. Suthiraphan Assarat

    Protests at OT, stop going to the games, don't buy MU products, tell the players to go on a strike, etc.!

  24. Bryn Gefferies

    There's no comparison with Ole and the rest, when Ole a Man Utd through and through and we've been waiting over 7 years for this moment, especially experiencing Mediocrity for such a long time. Unfortunately The board made some poor choices especially recruiting 'The Three Stooges', Moyes, Van Gaal & Mourinho, don't forget All Defensive Coaches. They helped to destroy Man Utd progression for nearly 6 years. They started dismantling the squad at the time with their approach & direction and a lot of players suffered. They did not do their works for the benefit of the Club but for themselves, a form of quick fix, so we are still paying the price up to this day.

    So get behind him and he will get the job done so stop the negatives. It's a Cop Out, disrespectful and an insult to want an Outsiders like Eric Ten hag or Conte or Zidane or Enrique & others who supposedly are better managers to manage Man Utd when we have other ex players e.g. Roy Keane or Paul Scholes or Brian McClair or Mark Hughes etc.. waiting to take over. If you listen to Ole, he says the necessary things and he wants to keep it in the family. Keep It Up Ole, your on the Right Track, Challenging for the Title & Some… There's room for Improvement!

  25. Mr. Westmountain

    Make a new and even bigger demonstration. Ole out, Ed out, Arnold is not allowed, get Ralf and Ten Hag. No other short-term solution should be accepted .United needs a full reset.

  26. add the 5-0 LOSS AT HOME TO LIVERPOOL on the Ole Documentary that you wanna make, as something he has done for Liverpool fans too. I'm sure they would like thank him for that.

  27. To The Glazer family, SACK HIM NOW FOR LOVE GOD. FROM MAN UTD FANS (WHAT A JOKE OF CLUB) Defund the Glazers
    Man United fans need to find the board members plus Edward Woodward and let them know the embarrassment need stop now. We are the joke of the premiership. Rival fans singing our managers name at Old Trafford. What other Premier League club would let this carry on. It’s going to get ugly (Protest the Arsenal game at home 2 December).
    Those of us who have witnessed United's defeats at Leicester City and at home to Liverpool and Manchester City in recent weeks have been subjected to a style and results that are quite simply unsustainable for a club of this stature.
    21% of Man Utd's home defeats in PL history have come under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The last 4 home games in the premiere leage and only scored one goal with 3 defeats and one draw and to top it, Man Utd conceded more goals at OT than Norwich at Carrow Road

  28. If protesting is what will force the Glazers to respect MUFC institution and history, Sack Ole and the coaching staf then let them go ahead, it is of good cause

  29. Sam, absolutely spot-on on all your comments /views incl of the protest

  30. Bryn Gefferies

    It's good to see & hear the X players Roy Keane, Paul Scholes & Owen Hargreaves etc.. expressing their views & concerns on what United needs to do to get it right to succeed but why aren't they involved in Ole's Project cos he needs them right Now!

    When You listen to Graeme Souness to us he says it all. He knows about the bitter rivals out there and they do not want Man Utd to succeed. He's fully aware that things have compounded onto Ole knowing that Ole needs to improve his cause but he feel that more should be done by Man Utd to protect Ole & the progression. The Management team must improve so Roy & Others needs to see Ole ASAP!

  31. Bryn Gefferies

    Ole has been the best Manager since Ferguson so we need to appreciate his contributions to our present state of affairs, managing recruits & sense of direction. Ole put the structure back together again and all he needs is the necessary support. Ole is very close to something big so he has to be ruthless in his team selection & decision making for the betterment of the team so he cannot afford to underestimate anyone cos he hasn't won anything yet, so Ole has to choose a strong enough team to win most of the time as long as he chooses his team on merit & goes on the offensive & plays the Man Utd way, he'll be alright.

    Ole must go to the Next Level by raising the standards at the club by bring in Roy Keane as Assistant Manager, A Head Coach e.g. Rene Meulensteen & A Keeper Coach e.g. Peter Schmichel that would help to get the players & staff to improve on their focus, performance, consistency and achieve more. Also there's enough quality to play to our strengths by encourage the 4.3.3. & play the Man Utd Way, so a few more tweaks away from having a good team & squad to take on the rest. We want Ole to stay but these changes would improve his chances of success so there's room for Improvement. Ole Is Staying, So Get Use To It!

  32. Chibwe R Mutati

    Ole won't be sacked. If he was to be sacked, it could have happened long ago.

  33. Need to build a new back 4 around Varane – simple. The rest of em (inc Fred) aren't good enough to be Man Utd players!

  34. This is what happens when (W) Bankers own a football club.

  35. GiddyR3v Gaming

    Sam what is the point of making a video about ole making the connections again with fans and club. It will just stir emotions of people that's on the fence or that's close to seeing the writing on the wall. Just saying bro imo if you think it's time to pass the baton on let's leave it as that and keep to the main focus. No point of nostalgic moments with Ole. However loving the content bro 💯👊🏾👌🏾

  36. Gary Neville has a stake in united, either he is looking for a potential job or just been outright stupid! there is no excuse for any sane/insane person to support Ole, if Gary Neville claims to be his friend, then it is time to tell him some home truths! that is what real friends do! protecting Ole image will only end up hurting his image with the fans in the long run, fans might end up hating him if he continues to stay in a job that requires competence and tactical awareness, something he is clearly lacking, if he does not learn quickly, Watford, Arsenal and Chelsea will finally bury him!

  37. What needs to be done to change Manchester United is way too harsh for most of you to accept.