SOLSKJAER SLAMMED, LINGARD HOWLER | Young Boys 2-1 Man United | Champions League | Match Reaction

Young Boys 2-1 . Goal: Cristiano Ronaldo. . What’s your reaction after Man United’s 2-1 defeat to Young Boys? What do you think about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s decisions in the match? What’s your thoughts?

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  1. UnitedPeoplesTV

    Solskjaer made some big mistakes tonight and deserves criticism. Even with 10 men, we should be putting Young Boys to the sword. Frustrated, massively.

  2. happyhornet1000


  3. He probably brought on lingard to press but i agree that greenwood could’ve done much better.

  4. Iam imagine if we were playing with Bayern and we have the red card it could be 10 goal poor management

  5. Shahid Saffar

    When will we see Bailly back in action..?
    Wld love to see him partner up with Varane..

  6. Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan

    With Ronaldo's salary, and he's not even complaining about fatigue, he wants 2 play every game start to finish…it's only the delusional utd fans that complain about CR7's tiredness

  7. Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan

    Those young boys all became men when they beat united, coz they all turned 2 1 😇😅🤣

  8. Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan

    Villa Real managed a draw with 10 men

  9. I have no clue why Solskjaer is still the manager, United is weak and getting punked by every team they have played physically, AWB has not improved one bit and actually playing scared, Luke Shaw is lazy and overweight, starting lineup and substitution patterns are a joke. And in news conference he said 10-12 points in the next five games should put them thru? For Christ sake how bout going for the whole 15 points? He is killing United with the stupid golden touch sub with Lingrad, he don't deserve to be on the field!

  10. kamarudin mohammad

    Enough of being in the comfort zone, Ole! Now you have to face reality. Your tactics and strategies ought to be reviewed to suit the current demand of a real total fast football game all the way from the first whistle blows.

  11. kamarudin mohammad

    Ole won't last long as a manager if he doesn't change his slow-tempo style of playing in practically every first half of every game.

  12. kamarudin mohammad

    MU slow tempo is very, very frustrating. We want a team with an aggressive mentality to win games. Slow tempo games are like a schoolboy's team. You have professional footballers playing like a school team is rather ridiculous. Look at the Japanese and Korean teams, they are very determined to win games all the time.

  13. Ole's not good enough of a manager. He'll never be good enough. As soon as all United fans understand that, we can move ahead.

  14. Ole and his coaching staff need to improve his in game management because it's not good enough with player's like this. It's not that we lost or won. It's the performances. We never seem to be in n control.

  15. Ole love Lingard n Fred he like them to much he don’t care if win or lose I don’t think so win Silverware he have good squad now n still he play Lingard n Fred

  16. Utd will continue to be a yoyo team until ole is shown the door. Another trophyless season will bring the day of reckoning much closer to fruition.

  17. the internet cover on this video still did a better job then Man U last night lol

  18. ColinfromCorby

    I've not been Ole out but WTF was he doing taking off Bruno and CR7, he has to open an ear to SAF and see where he has fcuked up. cos I fear he can't see the mistakes he's made.

  19. Problem with Ole is that he thinks the only way to impact a game when that is on is by making changes. Even the blind could see that hoofing every single ball was causing more harm than good. Degea makes a save, he kicks it straight back to them, they rush back at us and have an attempt, they miss or he makes a save, he takes the ball and kicks it straight back to them. Christ!! And this happened for almost an hour while Ole just sat there watching like every other fan with no clue what to do. You shouldn't give all initiative to the other team just because you are 1 man down, we could barely string two passes together. There is too much panic in this team for the quality we have and its just shameful.

  20. i don't think anyone considers us title contenders because of the work ole's done. it's because of the players we've signed.

  21. Ole game management has been a suspect all a long. This is not the first time he messes it up and it cost the team dearly. The team can have the best striker and/or best midfielder and/or defender in the world, but if the manager keep making such silly tactical mistakes, the team will find it difficult to win a trophy.

  22. told ya and i keep saying it ole not good enough!!

  23. david cunningham

    last night is a perfect example of how clueless ole is. going down to ten men will always be a struggle but a team with players of this calibre should not struggle to string more than 3 passes together. it's a completely dysfunctional team that is regularly bailed out by individual brilliance. it doesn't matter who we buy. we will not win anything with ole in charge. i can see no progress in terms of tactics during his reign. at times we're more exciting to watch but it's down to the addition of certain players as opposed to the management of ole. it was complete panic last night

  24. Solskjaer make a very big mistake. And this is 2nd time he's doing this.. you can still win with 10 men if you're a good coach

  25. Ole out

  26. At some point, we all have to admit that this fairytale is exactly that. Ole ain’t it

  27. His excuse to justify the loss! "We lost two last year but came back" wank never took responsibility for the loss blah blah blah……His excuse or assumption "They were tired" as to his decision of pulling Ronaldo and Bruno! Serious! Ole's got to go ASAP!

  28. George Mensah

    Ole is a bad coach he should get out of our team

  29. Vaughan Abie Smith

    Get Conte in please… 🤷‍♂️

  30. Eunice Anderson

    I agree that ole did mistake yesterday,… but I agree with you that ole out is just reactional

  31. Vaughan Abie Smith

    Ole will nt win us anything.. 🤷‍♂️ I've been saying it 4 2 years nw… I dnt mean 2 b negative.. Bt he cn nt handle pressure…

  32. Johnny Sekele

    I've never been a fan of Solskjaer, in fact I've been saying he must leave United after his second Season without any Silverware.

  33. Ole doesn't have any tactics.. I can say that after yesterday's match.. even with 3 CBs , we conceded 3 2 goals… 🤣

  34. I don't even wanna talk bout our Manager he's an Amateur. We won't win anything with me.
    WanBassaka can't be the real reason we lost that game he's decisions killed the game.
    You can't put Lingard on for Ronaldo,that absurd.

  35. Lol. PE teacher. That’s what he is.

  36. Paul McDermott

    Wan bissaka was red carded and I agree with that, but ronaldo Sancho Fernandes should have stayed on and green wood brought on

  37. Yvan Philogène

    After the red card, I would have played 4-4-1. Sancho out, Dalot in. Pogba on the left, Bruno on the right.

    With Pogba, Fred, Van De Beek and Fernandes, it was technical enough to control the game and find a magical pass for Ronaldo.

    In theory at least …

  38. I put the blame on Aron and clueless Ole.

  39. Yvan Philogène

    3 points lost after 1-0 up. We could see signs of it against Newcastle. Why can't United capitalize on their lead?

    The red card was too harsh, imho. I feel sorry for Wan Bissaka, and for Sancho who was immediately sacrificed.

    Then, it's too complex for me to understand. 5 defenders, Fred out at the end, … I guess Lingard got also confused…

  40. George Zibuye

    Ole looks at the laptop too much, if you want to see poor coaching, this game is a good example. I have seen teams achieving results with 9 or 10 men. Mistakes all over the pitch and worse in the technical team.

  41. Ole out …enough is enough! So many times we go thru tz…he is not a Man Utd Class manager…he is a midteam manager… Fantastic players but a lousy manager..Pls leave our club…

  42. 7thNote Official

    Ole out now. Get another manager in and we win the league

  43. 7thNote Official

    Will win nothing with Ole

  44. We have some good players but not lacking fitness to play for Man UTD coaching staff underdogs. We need a change

  45. Ooooops I'm just out of words when it comes to Ole and technical team, Ole doesn't know the balance of his team by selection weather is adding strength or reducing. After a Red card we only needed two players from the bench Mata and Greenwood and why Mata would help the team to settle and play beautiful passes Greenwood could add good strength in the attacking. Why Varane started from the bench? Why play Lindelof

  46. namhla namhla

    Even Arsenal would win that game easily with Mikel