Solskjaer's SACKING: The REAL Reason Man Utd And Woodward Are Supporting Him

Ole Gunnar is not being supported by Manchester United’s board. He is being used by the board to protect their own failures, their own ego’s and pride because they don’t want to be proven wrong with their decision to back Ole. Here’s something I wanted to say about the whole situation.

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  1. UnitedPeoplesTV

    We're reading stories of Ole being supported by United. I don't see it that way. I see Ole being used by Woodward and the board as a human shield so they don't have to admit their mistakes + hurt their own narcissistic pride. That isn't support, that isn't what is best for Manchester United as a football club.

  2. Abednigo Obadje

    JM said it…. LVG said it….we do not care about the football. Our owners are only interested in Money. Now see who is laughing. The Glazers and woodward are mecinarries sent to destroy this generational club.

  3. Man united fans to whoever gets ole next: Wanna know how I got these scars 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  4. Mate keep the camera still its fuckin annoying

  5. They are also keeping him in because of delusional Ole fans who for 3 years said he was the right guy. All that nonsense about nostalgia and United DNA is the main reason why Ole is still here.
    Now fans are saying it's all the Glazers fault. It is but the there is too many hypocrites in this fanbase who now just act like Ole was not good enough. Why did you guys not see that 1 year ago or 2 years ago?? At that time he was the best that has happened for the club and now he is the worst but we should feel sorry for him?? Why??

  6. Ed Woodward has always been a joke so nothing has changed there

  7. Raymond Butler

    The only reason Ole's getting backed is because of a complete lack of Ambition from the United board and them Glazers, no other reason.

  8. Ole needs to be sack.

  9. Lol this guy still protecting that PE teacher 😂


    It’s time to start shining the spotlight on Ferguson’s role in the club’s decline, from his opening the doors for the Glazers with the racehorse row with the previous main shareholders to his picking Moyes as his successor to his making the club stand by Solskjaer. Sure he was responsible for the most successful period on our club’s history, but ironically, the damage he’s done to the club is no less than his positive contributions to the club. He’s repeatedly sabotaged the club!s attempts to bring in people of quality to run the club and has encouraged the club to appoint completely unqualified people for key positions at the club, and has been brainwashing the club staff, fans and other club legends into accepting and even embracing failure since 2010. He knew that his abilities were fading but he’s unwilling to give up his authority and influence over the club and the supporters. It’s clear that he’s a very egocentric and narcissistic person obsessed with power and control. He’ll do anything to preserve his legacy at the club and keep the club in his grip, even if it means destroying the club completely. And to make matters worse, he’s an expert at brainwashing and gaslighting people. He’s more dangerous to the club than even the Glazers are.


    It’s so obvious that Ferguson has A LOT to do with the club not sacking Solskjaer. I mean, his telling the club to stick with Solskjaer at the very last minute just when they were about to fire the latter, and then turning up at the training sessions together with Martin Edwards are clear signs that he’s very heavily involved in the club’s decision not to fire that clown. Seriously Ferguson NEEDS to be told to go away and stop meddling in the club’s decision-making and let the club move forward. And he needs to be outed for enabling the Glazers ever since they bid for the club.


    Absolutely spot on and thanks for your insightful view on not only this but on everything United. I always take something good away from your content even if we wish things were different.

  13. Man Utd fan from an Southend on Sea postcode = plastic fan

  14. Best intro to any fan video ever! Top work 👏🏽 👏🏽 We want our club back ❤️

  15. Wisdom Benedict

    It would only get worst if United should pump Watford.
    The board would totally be convinced by that and would still keep ole in the job.
    The board they can never see the bigger picture

  16. Sacking Ole has entered politics

  17. The production value on these intros is 🔥🔥🔥. As a videographer I appreciate the extra effort put in 💪

  18. Francis Nathan

    IT'S THE United Board to be Sacked Number one Ed WOODWARD. Then we can see United again. Please sack this ED WOODWARD.

  19. Scott Farrell

    Wise words from Rio they did think they bought a franchise. At one stage was there not talk of selling the ground and then renting it back to the club ?

  20. Wow, that intro is mind blowing!!!!

  21. l hope the fans can see the glazers are the issue & they need to be rooted out and exposed to the world. we are not blind, we will not be taken for fools anymore. l am tired of this never ending cycle. the analogy of LOTR is perfect.

  22. Excellent contribution Sam. Keep up the great work. LUHG

  23. great video

  24. UNITED FANS IN UK MUST ACT NOW AND SAVE OUR BELOVED CLUB. Stop whining, being sad, angry and talking too much we need action NOW!!! just demonstrate , don't attend matches & boycott merchandise the glazers and ole won't last 3weeks. I am doing my part in my country.

  25. What a load of clobbers always the owners the owners Fergie never had an issue with Giazers and they backed him, they have given Ole 400million backed him and brought players like Varane Sancho and Ronaldo Ole is just having a bad run of form trying to find his right 11 let’s be honest Ronaldo was not part of the signings this summer. Always having a go at the owners but you can never replace SFA and now your making excuses and blaming the owners ?? What a load of b***locks

  26. It’s not just Ed Woodward that is on the board there is also Sir Alex Ferguson who is on the board for Manchester United

  27. Paul Bridgette

    Sadly it looks true I remembered the comedy of errors when trying to sign Ramos and Fabregas or was it ?? I also think when we didn't just lose two football matches we were humiliated at home and it's a bitter thing to swallow the way we lost them games against Man City and Liverpool!!!

  28. olatunji ayordeji

    “Ed Woodward” if I go down the club go down with me

  29. Fans still attending games and buying merchandise are part of the problem !! We protested for what exactly.. Sancho, Varane, CR7, then go quiet because we have 3 new presents 🤦🏾‍♂️ the protests should’ve continued 💯 and the only way we’re going to put these parasites 🦠 under pressure and f**k up their money, is if we boycott everything !!!!

  30. He's the reason why some top managers don't even want to come to the club anymore

  31. Just for a sec, try to remember SAF's team humbled at Old Trafford by Pep's Barcelona.
    Man City is still very much similar to that team. Only difference is they dont hv Messi now. Klopp's team is also at that level now. Now fast forward to last season. Ole managed to give a fight against these teams and even managed to win against Pep.
    Give time to Ole to turn around things.
    Ronaldo is the root cause of all the problems. No matter which manager comes in, Man Utd will nvr be able to go neck to neck with any of the top 3 team with Ronaldo as striker.

  32. This is going to sound harsh but United fans are getting the owners they deserve. The moment rows and rows of empty seats appear at OT , that’s the moment things change. It’s the only way. Protests and fan action. The problem is that it just isn’t happening. United fans keep voting for the owners by being passive. It’s like Governments , stop moaning about politicians if you keep voting for them. Empty Old Trafford on match day and embarrass the Glazers in the media. Make their pathetic franchise unworkable. Do it again and again until they go.

  33. Stop watching man united game if ole still manager what the f.. K

  34. Goal Busta Sports Note

    Thats a Jamaican colors 👌 in the back ground sam..

  35. If he were to be gone, he would have been gone by now. The only rational thing would be to resign and be the guy ! Ole knows what the fans think, he needs to do what is best for the club that be loves so much

  36. The worse it gets for Ole the worse it gets for the board, the worse the board look. Theyre doubling down on their losses and hoping it all comes good, but if theyre worried about looking stupid sacking him now, theyre going to look a whole lot more stupid if Ole cant turn things around and we continue in freefall.

    On the other hand if they had acted swiftly and sacked Ole after the City game I dont think Woodward would get that much heat for another poor appointment, particularly. Some would criticise but many more would point to the improvements he has made in the last few years and say he had taken it as far as he could – which I think you have said Sam.

    So actually, you could argue sticking by him is more risky than keeping him around, in terms of Woodward's legacy. Sticking with him, he either looks like a genius (or at the very least is vindicated) or a complete clown. Getting rid its another manager that didnt work out but at least you'd say it was one of the better appointments he has made in the period since SAF left.

  37. Matthew Trainer

    The next guy taking over from Ed woodwood just gonna be another Ed woodwood just top 4 finish and make money for glazers
    ole won’t go til Top 4 is out of reach
    You can protest all you want there in America not fucking caring about what’s happening soon has there no champions league then they will make there move

    I hope we don’t get any europe football next season just give the glazers a big FUCK YOU this isn’t about ole anymore it’s about them cunts upstairs who running this club into the ground for what so they can have a millions of pound

  38. Alicultivated

    Ole as he watches this all unfold:

  39. Niezam Latiff

    Woodward will leave and i think this is the last chance for him to hit us . I mean his last chance to get a revenge 😅 .. he knows how this is gonna really hurt us(the supporters)

  40. roller blaide

    I bet they are saying this is not a big deal

  41. Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan

    The only true thing you've said is that try as you like, you can't get the Glazers out, they"re like Mike Atherton batting for almost 3 days in 2nd test v SA in '95, we tried spinners, off cutters, pace bowlers, slow medium bowlers, but he dug his heels in, respect Athers..

  42. Hernan Alvarado

    I hate to say this but the only solution I see for our club is to be i the relagation zone which will force the Glazers to sell and have a new start.

  43. roller blaide

    November 13

  44. Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan

    United fans, you can blame anything and everything till you're blue in the face, at the end of the day, it's on the field where the action takes place

  45. Reid Hulleman

    Intro was very well done, gg, pray everyday glazors will sell up and woodward to get fired 🤣