Steve McClaren Interview On Erik Ten Hag: The Inside Story | What Man Utd Fans Can Really Expect

Watch this fascinating where he discusses Erik ten Hag in real detail, giving Manchester United fans the closest insight to date on our new manager. Here is the Inside Story of Erik ten Hag and what Man United fans can really expect.

Watch the full Steve McClaren interview with his son Josh here on the McClaren Performance channel:

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  1. UnitedPeoplesTV

    Watch this fascinating Steve McClaren interview where he discusses Erik ten Hag in real detail, giving Manchester United fans the closest insight to date on our new manager. Here is the Inside Story of Erik ten Hag and what Man United fans can really expect.

  2. This is great but as long as Klopp and Pep are in the premier league Manchester United won't be winning the league.

  3. First thought upon hearing about how thorough, demanding and meticulous ETH is…
    Two thirds of the Man Utd squad are gunna absolutely hate him! They are a bunch of lazy wasters.

  4. Lets see if he keeps his job if the players don't play the way he wants them to. If they lose to many games that will be it. Like all the others.

  5. He always wants better and better I support Ajax 40 yrs now he brought Ajax football back . nice person too. his father is rich clever people

  6. Rob Discreet - Discreet Productions

    I love the way everyone expects ten hag to succeed…. Only Jesus can save united… Ten hag is in for a shock… Especially when he doesn't get backed by the glazer's…. Ten hag won't save united

  7. Yunqkinqz Entertainment

    Everyone forget that Steve was a success with sir Alex

  8. Excellent work Sam!

  9. ill never forget this guy telling us to back Jose and ole when things were the pits

    this guy is a flip flopper who sits on the fence

  10. The best pub league man in the game. Pity he’s no longer in a pub league and will fail miserably

  11. This's a refreshing blog on a new era for Man Utd and Ten in management and coaching Preparation that uplifting that Utd will be back in competing for Honours without a Shadow of Doubt,its really be enthralling viewing a new Man Utd……

  12. What I see a lot of ManU fans get wrong is assuming Ten Hag will play the same style at Manchester as he had at Ajax. It would simply not be accepted at Ajax to play anything other than 433, or 4231 as it's called internationally. At other clubs he has played other styles and the last few matches at Ajax he played 442, partially because of injuries and probably because he was leaving anyway as well

  13. Patrick Rooney

    Sounds exciting about man u for change ins and outs be exciting to

  14. Sumo Cum Loudly

    The core of united club is rotten, ten hag has a lot of work to do to change the culture at that club.

  15. Love this!

  16. What a laugh ten hag is another rangnick and ole United fans are so delusional bad karma is coming to United

  17. I can now admit i was wrong to believe in OLE, this new tech team is the right team to take us back, we ve wasted our 3 years 😢😢! we needed more than just a manager but a visionary which ETH and RR posses

  18. I know for a fact Ten Hag is a great coach. I saw my team FC Utrecht play the best football under Ten Hag. We got 4th place and since he left to Ajax, its going downhill for us. Great coach👍

  19. wouldn't listen to anything Steve McClaren has to say, lol

  20. Steve McClaren will be his wingman help with player management.

  21. No one in their right mind would sign for the scummers

  22. I think we need to be realistic with our expectations for the next season or two. A complete rebuild even with hard work, know-how and meticulous planning could take 2-3 years to start bearing fruit. Next season is about getting players to buy into his methods. Ten Hag will aim to create a far better culture and spirit where players are actually developing for once in a more skilled coaching environment and enjoying their football again. I think some players could thrive under the new manager and some won't adapt to what he needs from them (Physically, mentally, technically) and make the grade. As fans we won't see all the positive things happening behind the scenes that should eventually lead to a much better team and hopefully some success in the future. What we don't want is another 'boom and bust' situation where players are over performing and playing on pure emotion before burning themselves out after 10 or 12 games. It's got to be steady and sustainable progress.

  23. One thing I take away from this is Ten Hag coaching style and philosophy is only going to work if the players he has at his disposal buy it into it and want to succeed and learn.

  24. Man Utd will still be fighting for top four next season and after

  25. The first video I've watched on your channel and I'm a big fan of your calm analytical style, subbed

  26. I hope and pray that our biggest weakness, the owners and their management, have the patience and good sense to let this new manager and his team do their thing. I have my doubts, but I am starting to feel more positive after listening to Steve M. It will take at least until the season after next, buts let’s hope. Thank you!