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  1. Dhruvjeet Singh

    Messi is probably best dribbler of all time as well it might not look as pretty as Ronaldo but is far more effective in the game

  2. Shan Kodithuwakku

    Messi is the superior in dribbling

  3. Tala Al Sheikh Hasan

    NOOOOOOO MESSI IS DRIBBLER Ronaldo can't dribbel 9 in a roe

  4. Cr7 🔥

  5. We are now in end of the story and messi proved he is number one and Ronaldo number two

  6. If think of it Ronaldo and Messi are like the hackers of football
    This week messi won copa America and ronaldo the top scorer of the euro and he got disqualified fr round 16 like how!!!
    Absolutely legends

  7. United pundit

    damn even obama knows about him

  8. Cr7 🔥

  9. She said even Obama knows bruh Ronaldo and Messi are more famous than him

  10. (당신을 사랑합니다)


  11. Imo Messi is the better footballer but is less strong mentally.

    At the beginning of a normal game you take Messi.

    If you NEED goals RIGHT THE FUCK NOW you take Ronaldo. When they were taken out by Lyon I saw the score of them losing and I just "assumed" Ronaldo would score. That's the expectation you have of him.

    Messi will deliver more consistent.

    Ronaldo can make the impossible, possible.

  12. Sunny Chhetri

    Cr7's long range with both feet and an impossible skills and messi's dribble…that gives me chill bro

  13. Ifron Technology

    Ronaldo's Dribbling are stylish but effective/deadly 40% off tine time
    Messi's Dribbling are Simple but effective/deadly 70% off the Time.

    Ronaldo is GOD of SPEED and STRENGTH.
    Messi is GOD of DRIBBLING and NUTMEGE

    Once a person said-
    If an Engineer would have made a player he would have made Cristiano Ronaldo
    If an Magician would have made a player he would have made Lionel Messi

    One is 32 another is 34 but still in Year 2021 they are in list of top 3 as top goal scorer in World. Both Best and Top of their club.

  14. Abhishek Badgal

    Ronaldo stops dribbling after injury in 2014 which led him to change style as football fan I think u know this with the age u have to change things and messi keeps dribbling so he have experience more than ronaldo thatswhy his dribbling is more resultant

  15. Any player can do what RONALDO does. It's not hard. Try doing what MESSI does its impossible

  16. RONALDO has foot works but he dont get pass anyone. Messi passes everyone

  17. Jason Brookee

    If Messi 2nd at Dribbling , even God himself can't touch the 1st .

  18. Dribbling and skills are completely different Ronaldo does skills Messi does dribbles

  19. Cristiano 🐐

  20. Of course Obama knows 😂 I feel like pretty much the only country where maybe half the people won’t know them would be the US

  21. Rohit Bhowmick

    Baby you react tht does Obama knows him!!😂😂😂
    You deaf; their name is Messi and Ronaldo the world's know there name. The greatest of all time. Just look there fan base, did u ever seen this kind of fanbase of any athlete?

  22. yeah ronaldo is more stylish and elegant…and messi is "just get to it"…even ronaldinho mentioned that messi dont like skills and tricks, he can play without them…

  23. Then u go to watch messi madam

  24. Can you react to ronaldo complete attacker 2013 2014 2015 2016 by javier nathaniel i just subscribed

  25. cr7 hace amagos pero no avanza y cada tanto se trastabilla

  26. Varun Frøsty

    This era is going to end🥺

  27. U actually don't know what is dribbling … Dribbling means beating defenders without losing the ball … What Ronaldo does just looks stylish … But Messi's dribbling ability is insane … Put 3-4 defenders in front of him he will surely make his way out of them

  28. Ronaldo’s dribbling style looks beautiful but Messi’s dribbling can really do something to opponent players….it’s deadliest, his dribbling is capable of destroy entire team including Goalkeeper as well 👀

  29. Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi , is like : biggie smalls and 2pac … the best

  30. Based off individual stats, Messi is better and he is about 3 years younger…

  31. Pls do react on lionel messi the goat …


  33. Ronaldo is a superior player

  34. Darknight Emperor81


    Ronaldo is 6’2” and Messi is 5’7”

  35. She can't see Messi's dribbling 😂😂

  36. Go watch basketball if you think Ronaldo dribling is better than messi , messi has arround 2500 dribble and ronnaldo has 1000 it's not even close, it's like comparing a mature lion 🦁 to a cub

  37. Ronaldo's dribbling makes you stand in awe…Messi's dribbling makes you go how the fuck is that possible???

  38. CR7 AND M10 this both player took football to Next level

  39. They worth more than Obama they worth 400 million dollars

  40. B Rahul AP 071

    React to Lionel messi the goat it’s his best compilation

  41. The GOAT Cristiano

  42. The GOAT Cristiano

  43. Messi can do what Ronaldo do and even better, but Ronaldo can't do what Messi does…
    No one in the history of the game can dribble off 7 players on one run without any skills.
    People think its ez because he made it look this way.

  44. Leo Beenplakker

    Try to dribble when on full speed, and also try to keep your head up and know your surroundings. Good luck. Messi’s dribbling is out of this world. He touches the ball like 3 times per second.

  45. Nah u are wrong..No one comes near messi's dribbling ability.. he could break the defense within seconds

  46. Nobody in the history of this sport can even come close to Lionel Messi's dribbling