Tokyo Olympics 2021 | Mens Draw Preview | Tennis News

The Tokyo Olympic Games for 2021 official ATP draw is out now. This event in Tokya, Japan will feature players including Novak Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev, Alexander Zverev and Stefanos Tsitsipas.

0:00 | Intro
0:10 | Withdrawals
0:43 | Djokovic #1
2:11 | Zverev #4
3:11 | Potential Matchups
3:30 | Tsitsipas #3
5:03 | Medvedev #2
7:12 | Potential Matchups
7:37 | Outro


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  1. Steve Just Saying

    Not sure what video software this guy is using, but he sure looks like a CGI character! Pretty cool effect.

  2. Jackie Rubinstein

    Vamossss Schwartzman!

  3. Johanna Jacoba Van Der Watt

    All the best for the Olympics Novak.
    You're the best 👌💓

  4. Armand Baudouin

    Djokovic will win, because they want him to be the greatest of all time ! Federer has no more chance and Nadal is a lesser European !!!! Djokovic is going to win all grand slam in a row and gold in Olympic.

  5. sasa jELisavac

    Just give Novak a gold, and let everyone else go….

  6. Djokovic 🥇

  7. Edvin Kurtovic

    Novak Champion

  8. Ruth Bevilacqua

    look joker mouth bigggggg

  9. Schwartzman vs Cilic second semifinal pair

  10. Vinko Petrović

    FAA 4th

  11. Lmaoo

  12. More likely for Coria to beat Monfis…

  13. sasitharan mathavan

    what the big fuss this time?. let them participate and enjoy the games.

  14. Kole Djordjevic

    Nole Nole Nile

  15. Shreethy Shivani roll no 117

    Djokovic vs musetti 🎾❤️

  16. Which country is Rublev representing?
    And Karatsev

  17. Please tell me,
    Why do they say "Andy Murray is the only singles player to have retained the Olympic title"?
    Who is the only tennis player to win a medal in Summer Olympics?
    Andy Murray is the only player to have won two singles gold medals, and the only singles player to have retained the Olympic title."

  18. Where is seb Korda?

  19. That’s another brute of a draw for stef

  20. My underdog is Humbert. He has winning record against Sasha, Stef and Meddy. So he can win a medal.

  21. What is this cam williams guy high on ! Nole has the toughest draw and this guy claims its the easiest !!! 🙄😯

  22. I guess since it's the best of 3, the next gens have a chance to defeat Nole. But then again he is hungry for the gold so…he can't avoid losing the first two sets cause no comeback LOL

  23. Goatovic

  24. Nole has a tough road to finals and that too with back to back matches.. No day break in between is going to be tough on him..

    1R: Delian
    2R: struff
    3R: musetti
    QF: rublev
    SF: zverev
    F: medvedev or tsitsipas

  25. Are there prize points for the Olympics?

  26. Ernesto Jr. Acosta

    NOVAK 🏆🏆🏆🥇🏆🐐

  27. easy draw.. djokovic will win gold

  28. Timothy White

    If Medvedev gets through Bublik he is gonna go far!

  29. Tasanee Wantanakul

    Novak djokovic ! The winner👑🏅🌟

  30. Both Nishikori and Nishioka got horrible first rounds!
    I really hope they get through!

  31. Nilesh Shinde

    Also tsitsipas is the player that I want to win the gold medal.

  32. Come on sumit nagal