What driving in Vietnam is REALLY like 🇻🇳

🇻🇳 Greetings as always, from Hanoi, Vietnam. After my “lovely” clickbaity thumbnail from the last video, I didn’t want to waste a 20km drive from Noi Bai airport back into the city, so I thought what better way to enjoy the drive than to share it with you guys.

In this video I discuss about what it’s really like . I’ve been driving here fro 3 years, and I also have my A1 motorbike license. I took both the theory and road test, and I’ve driven through rain, shine, over mountain passes, along windy coastlines, and through just about every terrain you can imagine. I love driving here in Vietnam, despite the dangers and stress it can bring. Come with me as I show you how it is.

Subtitles made and translated by the awesome Loan. Check out her drawings on Instagram:
Updates from the road:
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  1. Thuần thục rồi đấy

  2. Nhiều đứa tỏ ra tự hào lắm, toàn bọn đi xe vô ý thức hết.

  3. sự thật lái xe ở việt nam là còi to cho vượt.

  4. Eyo! Awesome video. Cheers from an expat in Saigon who drives another yellow Winner v1 ((:

  5. đi xuyên đèo Hải vân là đạt đẳng cấp " phượt thủ" rồi đó Chris , chọn loai lốp vỏ nhám to xuống đường làng quê không bị trượt , áo mũ màu đỏ là bộ may mắn an toan` , chúc đi chơi vui vẻ .

  6. Pretty sure turning right on red is only a murican (US) thing with its car centric culture. Turning right on red is very dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists, but in the US they don't give a shit about pedestrians. In the US it's all about cars first, you take the car on those dangerous inefficient stroads or else.. well, fuck you apparently

  7. Well, in the US the lights are on the wrong side of the intersection. You stop at the red lights, if you do that in the US, you'll be in the intersection.

  8. winner V1 ko nên đổ xăng 92 anh ơi =))

  9. đi nhiều, sẽ có kĩ năng !

  10. Trong bộ luật giao thông ở việt nam có ghi rõ khi sang đường cần phải quan sát kỹ và nhường đường cho xe ưu tiên có nghĩa là những xe đi thẳng chứ ko phải là không có luật, chẳng qua ý thức bộ phận % của dân số họ coi thường và không thèm quan sát vậy đó đến khi tai nạn lại than trời trời ko thấu :)))

  11. Hello Chris,another vlogs 👍👍👍 it’s really cool 😎 thank you for the information all tips about Vietnam 👍 Take Care and be safe 😊

  12. Khái niệm chạy xe ở vn là xe nhỏ phải nhường xe lớn 😂

  13. Rode a motorbike for the first time when I was 18yo in Saigon. Was scary for the first day but still so much fun

  14. hey Chris not to be rude but driving applies to a 4 wheeler such as car truck bus……riding applies to 2 wheeler or animal such as riding a horse or a camel……..LOVE FROM SAIGON 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  15. Đi biển xe tuyên quang luôn =)

  16. I have driven all over Vietnam. There is some crazy traffic

  17. Rất chính xác còn nhiều vấn đề và góc khuất nữa đó

  18. Đường ở vn mọi người đi đường là hỗn loạn ,rất khốn nạn và mệt mỏi …

  19. This has probably been mentioned in other comments, but in Oregon, USA you do not pump your own gas. It’s a state law thing and an attendant does it. Whenever I have traveled there, I always get reprimanded 😂

  20. Video hay… but you need to honk more!!

  21. I couldn't cross the streets when I went back in 1996. My uncle had to cross with me or I followed other pedestrians. I felt like those motorbikes would run me over anytime.

  22. Cái này anh quay còn ít xe, hôm nào a nên quay ở mấy đoạn kẹt xe mới thú vị.

  23. Kể truyện giao thông như jeer truyện đánh giặt vậy 🤣🤣🤣

  24. I would say Vietnamese do their riding just like they do their walking – except their legs are motorized. And, yes, they are the only one on the roadway at that moment. They behave exactly like how schools of fish swim in the seas. Only thing they do is aim ahead and try to avoid obstacles in front. Fish do not have side rear view mirrors, and Vietnamese act like they don’t. Of course public safety is a foreign concept to most.

  25. Your report about driving and perceptions about drivers in VietNam are correct because most of them don't obey the traffic laws or
    don't even know about the traffic laws, most of them need to learn defensive driving but the VietNam DMV don't promote that much.
    So the way I drove in VN was that I honked a lot to let peoples I was coming…

  26. I saw an honest to God traffic cop in Hanoi way early one morning. He was stopping people going to work (they weren't happy), giving them grief and paperwork and I presume also fines. I couldn't help but think, what do you have to do to get a ticket in a city where people appear to do whatever they like on the road? One day on a Grab my driver drove into an intersection in which people were entering from all directions. Another bike appeared in front of us all of a sudden. Everybody stopped for a nano-second then continued on, no big deal. As a Canadian driver, I was terrified but it was clearly no big deal for anyone else. Yet it works, like some kind of crazy poetry.

  27. Nói về giao thông vietnamese thì chỉ có 1 từ So Bad

  28. was he in hai phong

  29. chuẩn. chuyện j cũng có thể xảy ra trên đường . nó phi ra ko nhìn hoặc bị oto che khuất phía trước rất nguy hiểm. thường thì sẽ đi chậm những chỗ đó