Will Messi go back?

Messi is still in Barca WhatsApp group, but he is not answering

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  1. Joel The Slasher

    He got mad because they texted him in English

  2. 24Murad.S24 #StandWithUkraina

    now we are saying come tor Barcaaaa!😬😬😬

  3. ahora si se ha ido

  4. Catalina Ruiz Osorio


  5. We love Messi

  6. YouTube Algorithm is weird 😳😳😳😳

  7. Praanesh Jaganathan

    Cute messi

  8. that's how Leo broke his cell phone.

  9. Can't believe he left here

  10. Nikhil Ganatra

    He left

  11. Thiago se a vuelto manco

    Messi you are a crack aguante idolo argentino

  12. They are jerks or their parents are brothers, they do not know that Leo Messi is Argentine and he will not understand English

  13. 理想的なmADE ᎥᏁ ᏂᏋᏗᏉᏋᏁ


  14. Nazario Spagnoli


  15. Messi !!🤩never end

  16. 👉Bur IQ👈

    Messi using WhatsApp

  17. 😭

  18. 😢

  19. He is staying