Wimbledon 2021 | Mens Draw Preview | Tennis News

Wimbledon 2021 official ATP men’s draw is out now. This event in London, UK will feature the best players in the world including Stefanos Tsitsipas, Alexander Zverev, Andrey Rublev, Daniil Medvedev, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

0:00 | Intro
0:16 | Withdrawals
0:35 | Section 1 | Djokovic #1
1:38 | Section 2 | Rublev #5
2:46 | Potential Matchups
3:06 | Section 3 | Tsitsipas #3
4:11 | Section 4 | Bautista Agut #8
5:30 | Potential Matchups
6:21 | Section 5 | Berrettini #7
7:27 | Section 6 | Zverev #4
8:54 | Potential Matchups
9:06 | Section 7 | Federer #6
10:14 | Section 8 | Medvedev #2
11:31 | Potential Matchups
12:07 | Prediction


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Tennis Talk with Cam Williams is your home for all the ATP and WTA Tours Tennis Breaking News, Draw Previews, Live Streams Play by Play, Match Previews and much more. We cover the largest tournaments throughout the season including the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open and talk about the best players including Novak Djokovic, , Rafael Nadal, , Roger Federer and Naomi Osaka.

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  1. I can’t believe how much this channel has grown, so much different than the first streams and videos

  2. Чемпионом станет Медведев!!!

  3. nothing to took at

    Fokina is a junior Wimbledon winner 🙂

  4. Willie Thomas

    You gotta love Novak's chances. But what intrigues me is that there are hitters in Stephano's way except for the first round and potentially Opelka. Steph's slower windup will cost him against Opelka and Tiafoe. But I was hoping to see him in a section with one of the 2 big Russians assassins Rublev or Medvedev. They will be trouble for him on the fast surface by taking time away from him. But Fed can make it to the final if he gets past Zverev in that epic looking pick em classic of youth vs experience.

  5. The anxious cheque immuhistochemically sprout because condor mathematically spot until a three green. addicted, silent step-uncle

  6. David Bosquette

    I'm super excited to have a ticket to the mens final. Never dreamed that was possible but it's the ONLY good thing to come out of this pandemic. I'm hoping for a first time winner in the absence of Rafa. 😁

  7. Federer !!! 👍👍

  8. Aided by the easiest draw in
    Djokovics section.Djokovic is the favorite

  9. Ernesto Jr. Acosta

    NOVAK 🐐

  10. Pittsburgh sports All the time

    I would watch out for Sam query always good on the grass

  11. I hope Karatsev makes a good final for Novak. 🙂

  12. #20 for the Novak

  13. i hope Djoko lose in 3rd round 😁😁😁🙃

  14. Bullduzheri Ks

    Federer will win Wimbledon 21 for 21Slams 👌

  15. Bullduzheri Ks

    Cam =🐐

  16. Mannarino has had some good results on grass. He could be tough for federer.

  17. Aristos Miliopulos


  18. Murray 1st round exit

  19. Tsitsi s photo from AO vs Federer… 💪💪💪PAMEEE!

  20. rajeev gauchan

    Nole 2nd round opponent K Anderson can b dangerous. He is such a quality player n if he plays to his full potentiel he can upset NOLE..well we shall see..👍👍

  21. Fire Power Sagar Kathwadiya

    1 Novak Djokovic
    2 D Medvdev
    3 Roger Federer

  22. With that draw, a big surprise if Nole doesn’t win it. The scary part is that even if he shows up 70%, there is nobody who can stop him. Need a day of magic from someone, but I won’t bet on it

  23. Q1 Djokovic vs. Rublev

    Q2 Murray vs. Tsitsipas

    Q3 Berrettini vs. Humbert

    Q4 Medvedev vs. Carreno Busta


    S1 Djokovic vs. Tsitsipas
    S2 Humbert vs. Medvedev

    Final: Djokovic vs. Medvedev

  24. Fouzia Saleem

    Roger will win

  25. CyCy The Tennis Guy

    My favorite player Domi is out go Fed

  26. Rupin Jeremiah

    "Keep an eye on the King. Kyrgios." Top stuff, my man!

  27. Michael Guimond

    Most ambitious player ever wins🃏

  28. They made the draw a piece of cake for Federer , this is scandalous.

  29. willene botha

    Lloyd Harris is a lovely player from South Africa -hold thumbs for him !!!!

  30. This has shaped out like a story of a movie. Nadal and Federer are both 20 and Djokovic is 18. Nadals favourite slam now and Djokovic beats him. Djokovic wins Wimbledon and the takes out Wimbledon. He goes on to win the Olympics and then goes into the US Open. Makes the final and a next gener finally beats him. After the US Open all three men retire with 20 making the GOAT all three. Imagine that no one has the most it's all even in the Grand Slams.
    It all started off as Federer and then Nadal won every French Open that he walks in healthy. Unfortunate Federers age starts to affect him leaving just the Joker and Nadal to catch up. Djokovic wins his 8th and record breaking Aussie Open against a Nadal that is going for the 2nd round of each GS. Djokovic is now running it. Wins 7 of the next 8 GS but the only thing stopping him is Nadal and until he takes Nadal out at the French he is staying behind. 2021 French Open rolls around. He beats Nadal and Nadal takes time off leaving the rest for Djokovic to write the final chapters. It's a wonderful story.
    In reality though we walk into Wimbledon next year Djokovic: 22, Nadal: 21, Fed: 20.